Alyssa Maunders, junior, music

“I think I’d probably fall into the hipster category, indie-hipster. I don’t like being called something.”

Maunders combines modern pieces with vintage pieces she finds in her mother’s closet.

“Lately I’ve been wearing a lot of my clothes in a different order,” she said.

She said she doesn’t think too much about her clothes and just tries to go with it, as long as they don’t leave her too exposed.

Favorite trend: “I’ve been seeing a lot of baggy stuff, like baggy shirts and I participate in that. It feels comfortable and makes you feel not tight in your clothes. I like high-waisted stuff with it because then if you wear the high-waisted with something loose you don’t look like a bag.”

Least favorite trend: “I’ve been seeing a lot of butt cheeks hanging out of short shorts and I don’t like that. Short shorts are okay but I don’t want to see your butt cheeks.”

Advice to fashion defunct friend: “More is better. Put on a lot of clothes and jewelry. I feel like that’s what’s in style now. I see a lot of stuff being piled on: jewelry, shoes, hair pieces, everything. Just go with it. Try not to match.”

Earrings — gift from a friend in Spain
Necklace — found it
Shirt — gift from sister
Cardigan — Buffalo Exchange, $10
Bracelet — flea market in Santa Fe, $20
Skirt — from mom’s closet
Shoes — Urban Outfitters, $20

Steven Russell, sophomore, nursing

“This is all-night studying for pharm 101 on the couch with a nice summer blazer.”

Russell said his overall style doesn’t fit into one category because his fashion choices vary from day to day.

Favorite trend: “I’ve only seen one person with this trend and it was her hair, kind of like Rihanna. It was side to side (asymmetrical) with silver glittery ends that she dyed. It was like a horse’s mane. I like hair trends.”

Least favorite trend: “Girls in tights. I am not a fan. It reminds me of my aunt who was really overweight and that’s all she used to wear.”

Advice to a fashion defunct friend: “I don’t believe there is ‘fashion defunct.’ I think people are just going to do what they’re moved to in the moment.”

Sunglasses — Microsoft kiosk giveaway
Necklace — family heirloom from the Philippines
Shirt — gift from a friend
Blazer — Macy’s, $20
Belt — Levi’s, $30
Jeans — Wrangler, $20
Shoes — True Religion at Journeys, $50