I am writing on behalf of students concerned about the manner that our University is conducting itself and the reputation it is forming.

Since when has it been a University mission to promote sexual behavior that can and often results in sexually transmitted diseases and unplanned pregnancies?

It has come to our attention that our Women’s Resource Center will be hosting the event, “Celebrate Sex Week at UNM,” from Monday, Sept. 29 to Thursday, Oct. 2. During this event, students will be taught “How to be a gentleman and get laid,” “Negotiating successful threesomes,” and how to perform oral sex.

This is a concern to students who care about the well-being of others because we do not see this event as shaping students into responsible, future-oriented adults.

The University of New Mexico claims to strive to “educate and encourage students to develop the values, habits of mind, knowledge and skills that they need to be enlightened citizens ... and lead satisfying lives,” but the evidence is not being displayed through events like these that are leading students into irresponsible actions and lifestyles.

Our university should be promoting higher education and values — not sex and the objectification of young men and women.

Our group is here because of events like these, to provide a healthy alternative lifestyle, and to give students other respectable choices than what the University is offering. We are deeply disappointed in the turn this University has taken for the worse.


Sade Patterson

Vice President of Students for Life