Lobos are not a losing face, nor do they besmirch the legacy of UNM. The Mexican grey wolf is not extinct but critically endangered, and many efforts have been made to remedy this. The mentality of wolves in general as being degenerate and pests has only made the Lobos come back more difficult.

Despite all the cards being held against them, Lobos preserve and maintain their dignity. Lobos are shot, poisoned and thought of as losers, yet they still survive and stick to the tradition of a pack mentality: with a variety of members in a pack working together to achieve the same goals. Their penchant for team work and success as a pack is something that we at UNM all emulate. To me the Lobo represents strength in the face of adversity, which is a mascot we should all be proud of.

Resilient, strong, and proud: UNM Lobos for life!



Veronica Koomson-Maiden

Daily Lobo reader