Since everyone wants to change our school symbols these days, maybe we should get rid of the Lobo mascot. After all, I am sure that members of the cat, bird, fish, frog and insect community feel marginalized and intimidated by depictions of a vicious wolf.

Given the well-documented history of wolves huffing and puffing, I am sure that little pigs and members of the straw bale home-builders association would oppose this symbolism as well. Similarly, Little Red Riding Hood and her descendants are unlikely to feel safe venturing across our campus, on their way to grandma’s house, with images of Lobos everywhere.

Therefore, I propose that we immediately change our school mascot to the buttercup. I mean the flower, of course, not an actual cup of butter, since that might offend people who have high cholesterol. Nobody can dislike buttercups, except perhaps a few people who are allergic to them. But you can’t please everyone, right?

Of course, by that same logic, we could just say, “Suck it up, buttercup. We’re keeping our Lobo mascot, and our other school symbols too!” I mean think about it, who is going to be afraid of the UNM Buttercups as a sports team? Not even Aggies, I bet. “Everyone’s a Buttercup" is not nearly as catchy as “Everyone’s a Lobo”.

Aaron Cowan

UNM student