If UNM were still a public education institution, a new seal might reflect some of those values, not colonization and racism as it does now. But UNM is no longer a public educational place. Over the past two decades, it has been transformed into a private sector corporate and government military war research center, saying this research was done for the enrichment of students for the job market. And don’t forget the entertainment mafia of the “sports” industry having a big role in the school.

Yes, there is big money to be made in war profiteering and sports entertainment. A new seal should reflect that and not promote the myth of it being a public school any longer or that it belongs to the several demographic groups in New Mexico. This is long gone.

A more accurate seal might show a big dollar sign and a mushroom cloud, or a laser weapon beam from space with the corporate logo of a firm like Lockheed Martin or Northrop Grumman and a Reaper killer drone above, for instance.

Given that President Frank and the regents are hosting a global symposium here next month on how to sell to the public the use of custom-tailored nuclear weapons in pursuit of our nation’s global empire it might make sense to change the name of UNM to University of Nuclear Madness along with a new seal. Let’s get real about UNM.


Robert Anderson

UNM alumni, former faculty