A newspaper – or any local media form – is only as strong and diverse as the community it serves.

Luckily for us at the Daily Lobo, the community at the University of New Mexico fits the bill. And over the next nine months, we pledge to do the best we can to appeal to that strength, working to bring you the highest caliber of news and content that we possibly can on a regular basis.

You, the reader, have multiple avenues by which to stay up to date on the most important news and happenings around campus.

While this year we will continue to produce the physical newspaper twice a week on Mondays and Thursdays, you can visit dailylobo.com or download the Daily Lobo app, two mediums which we continue to update on a daily basis with the latest breaking news, stories, and multimedia features.

You can also follow us on Twitter 
@DailyLobo as well as Instagram, give us a like on Facebook and add us on Snapchat as we continue looking for ways to optimize the connection to our readers.

In order for us to provide the best service we can this year, we ask you to help us help you. There is a lot of news to cover on a flagship campus with 30,000 students, and it can be difficult at times to stay on top of it all from the start. If there is something you believe we can do better, a perspective on a particular story we missed, or an individual with a fascinating story to tell, let us know.

Contact information for each of our editors can be found on the Daily Lobo website. You can also follow Daily Lobo editors, reporters and photographers on Twitter.

Talk to us. Engage with us. Visit our newsroom in Marron Hall across from the Communication and Journalism Department. If you’d like to make your voice heard, send a letter to the editor to opinion@dailylobo.com, or via the Submissions tab on our website. If you are interested in being a regular columnist about a particular interest of subject, tell us your idea.

As budding professional journalists, our job, first and foremost, is to listen. If you talk to us, we will be responsible with the information you provide and the discretion you may desire. We work to serve the UNM and local Albuquerque communities at large, but that doesn’t mean foregoing the rights and concerns of the individual.

Our first and foremost goal – in all situations, with all of our coverage across every desk and medium – is pursuing the truth. And our first and foremost loyalty is to you. So help us help you. Read Daily Lobo stories, visit our website, engage with us on social media and hold us accountable whenever you see fit to do so.

Our doors are always open. Our ears and eyes are always open, our attention on you, our vision to bring you what you need to know in front of us. That’s our pledge: to be as strong as the UNM community is.