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EDITORIAL: Pride Bangers celebrate Queer music and influence

The playlist “Pride Bangers” was created by the editorial staff of the Daily Lobo and hopes to celebrate a couple of certified bangers, specifically songs that elevate and express Queerness. Additions like “Call Me Maybe” capture catchy pop perfection and excitement on the dance floor, while “Fast Car” exemplifies yearning for something bigger with a tender chosen partnership. Lady Gaga’s “Born This Way” and “G.U.Y.” answer Queer anxieties with captivating beats, lyrics and messaging that display confidence and pride.

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Ask the Editors

  Question to the editors: As we return to campus and in-person classes, how can I balance my schoolwork, work and social life? How do I find myself after the pandemic? These are two very large questions for college students as we wrangle with an age in our life where our goal is to not only find ourselves but also balance school and life perfectly. However, if you don’t know how to do that, it’s okay — none of the rest of us do either. It’s perfectly acceptable to explore who you think you are and who you want to be, but don’t expect that the rest of your life will be mess-free while you try to balance everything. 

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EDITORIAL: Student journalists condemn local harassment in journalism industry

 As young journalists, we look to more seasoned reporters as role models who help guide us through a demanding and complicated field, discuss impenetrable questions of ethics, educate us about what being a healthy journalist means and at times, literally lead us through tear gas and riot shields. The type of role models we do not need are those that physically harass sources and diminish the credibility of journalism, as Larry Barker did last week. On June 30, Barker, a KRQE reporter and veteran New Mexico journalist, cornered and accosted Nora Sackett, Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham’s press secretary, at the Albuquerque Convention Center with his pointed finger inches from her masked face. 


EDITORIAL: UNM administration flouts First Amendment with gag order on Daily Lobo reporter

Let it be known that there is no doubt that Daily Lobo data editor Joe Rull could quite easily “break the ankles” of any student government representative, for Rull is an absolute beast in the post, his footwork is immaculate and he knows every move in the book. In addition to reaffirming our data editor’s skills on the court, we must also make clear that when the University of New Mexico Dean of Students, Nasha Torrez, violated the First Amendment rights of a member of the student newspaper, she violated the rights of the newspaper as a whole.

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EDITORIAL: Journalism's problematic love affair with objectivity

In 2011, the Daily Lobo published a cartoon depicting then-President Barack Obama as a monkey. It wasn’t our best moment. Unfortunately, it wasn’t our worst, either. Throughout our history as the independent student-run newspaper at the University of New Mexico, we have printed the n-word, never had a Black editor-in-chief and run an editorial in 1982 that asserted that “minorities are academically inferior to whites.” To this day, we struggle with how to attract and retain reporters and editors of color. We struggle to decide which stories to chase and publish. We struggle to get quotes from people who aren’t like our predominantly white staff and to center the voices of those most impacted by the stories we cover instead of those with the most power. And, we also struggle to decide which parts of a story to highlight and which to downplay.

A bear, sculptured out of copies of the Daily Lobo, munches on newspapers outside the Bookstore on Wednesday. The sculpture had no label indicating artist or title.

Lobo ceases print publishing amid coronavirus outbreak

The Daily Lobo will suspend our bi-weekly print publication until at least April 6 and will publish exclusively online. This was not a decision made lightly, and it does not mean we will stop working. But it does mean — for just the second time in 124 years — the Daily Lobo will not print a newspaper for an extended period of time. The only other time was the 1918 influenza pandemic. Two factors convinced us publishing during this historic event wasn't in the best interest of the UNM community.

Then-Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump speaks to rally attendees during his Nov. 30. 2016 visit to Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Editorial: What President Trump has said he wants to accomplish

Here are some of the things President-elect Donald Trump has said and promised to do once elected: Trump praised the use of waterboarding, an interrogation technique now defined as torture by the U.S., adding “if it doesn’t work, they deserve it anyway for what they do to us.” - Campaign rally in Columbus, Ohio. In the fight against Islamic terror groups, Trump said on Fox and Friends that when it comes to suspected terrorists, “you have to take out their families.” The purposeful killing of civilians is a war crime under the Geneva Convention, and is considered terrorism.

Protester Benjamin Imbus strikes the hood of a vehicle after the driver pushed through a line of demonstrators on Lomas Boulevard in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Editorial: APD's use of photos discredits Daily Lobo

Last week Daily Lobo staff became aware of something the Editorial Board considers inexcusable and counterproductive to our mission as student journalists at the University of New Mexico. On Oct. 12 a Daily Lobo reporter and photographer went downtown to cover the initial protest following the announcement of a mistrial in the case involving former APD officers who shot and killed homeless man James Boyd in 2014. Afterward the photographer, who’s also the photo editor at the Daily Lobo, put some of his shots up on his personal social media accounts, two of which showed a protester — an Albuquerque Public Schools teacher — being involved in a confrontation with a driver that evening.

The Setonian

Editorial: Don't stay home on Election Day

“Could we have been dealt a more unusual hand?” That has probably been the dominant thought of most first-time voters this election cycle. The notion that many college-aged students are participating for the first time in the selection of the next U.S. president when the campaign could not be more divisive is as intriguing as it is real. Over the past 18 months this election has caused division and discourse the caliber of which the country has never seen before, let alone first-time voters who have been exposed to it through virtually every facet and avenue made possible by social media.

The Setonian

Editorial: Safe space discussion needn't be black-and-white

Over the summer, University of New Mexico administration updated its employee training. In doing so, the University entered the fray of a debate that has been dominating the higher education landscape recently, one centered on balancing meaningful discussion on uncomfortable issues while taking into consideration what might be considered a "trigger warning" for some people.

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