UNM could have a new logo as soon as next semester, pending administrative approval.

On Friday, the Visual Identity Committee presented their proposal for a new University logo, which could begin to appear on UNM merchandise, recruitment materials and online presence, upon Acting President Chaouki Abdallah’s approval.

John Benavidez, the committee’s chair and marketing professor, and Cinnamon Blair, the UNM chief marketing and communications officer, presented the proposal to around 80 people in the SUB.

The committee presented the logo to classes, focus groups and other UNM communities. Benavidez said their input was critical.

Considering UNM’s diverse community, Benavidez said it was particularly important to have “a mark that was going to work for everyone.”

Blair emphasised the transition would not mean former UNM gear would be scrapped but that the roll-out would happen over time.

The quickest change would happen on UNM websites, promotional videos and social media, Blair said.

The committee was formed by then-President Robert Frank after UNM’s early 2016 brand roll-out. Students, staff and faculty — all with experience in design and marketing — participated on the committee. Their goal was to critically examine the current UNM logo, which was introduced nearly 30 years ago, and decide if a change was needed.

Brendon Gray is a news reporter for the Daily Lobo. He can be reached at news@dailylobo.com or on Twitter @notgraybrendon.