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Letter: No to "America First"


If this nation stopped stealing and hogging the world’s wealth, if this nation stopped murdering moms, dads and kids in many nations, the United States would have far less enemies!

My country is the world. I want all seven-plus billion people on Earth to be treated fairly! HELL NO to America first! I do not pledge allegiance to the U.S. flag or to any nation’s flag. I strongly support this city to be a safe place for refugees and for undocumented people.

Even if Russia wrongly interfered in the 2016 U.S. election, the BLOODY TRUTH is the U.S. for decades under both Republican and Democratic presidents has done FAR WORSE to over 60 nations! How many U.S. politicians and mainstream media have the conscience and the courage to emphasize this? In 1973, the U.S. helped to overthrow the president of Chile, the oldest democracy in Latin America. Then the U.S. helped to install the brutal dictator, Pinochet, who tortured and murdered thousands in Chile.

The main goal worldwide of the U.S. empire sadly is grabbing more wealth, resources and cheap labor by any means necessary — regardless how many millions are robbed, starved, tortured, imprisoned and murdered! The main goal worldwide of the U.S. empire sadly is not now and never has been genuine democracy, freedom, justice and human rights for ALL people on Earth.

The U.S. government deliberately targets Chicano, black and Native youth here — seducing and recruiting them to go kill people of color abroad. Families of color here become blood invested in evil U.S. wars because of their beloved sons and daughters who are soldiers. Love for their soldier sons and daughters often blinds these families and keeps them from strongly protesting evil U.S. wars.

As long as most people here believe they deserve much more than desperately poor multitudes abroad and as long as most people here crave and buy crap no one needs, the U.S. will rob, exploit, injure and murder millions. But as individuals, we can choose to live simple and fairly in our world family.

Don Schrader

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