I don’t have the famous green thumb that usually coincides with being a good plant owner — in fact it’s fair to say I have quite the opposite.

Despite my terrible track record of killing plant after plant, a friend gave me the final push to try one more time, but this time, with plants I can actually keep alive.

Although owning cacti and succulents is a fairly new hobby of mine, it’s in step with a wide-spread trend. Owning plants is definitely “in” right now, but so is plant-themed decor. I can’t put my finger on why this trend has emerged, but I’m certainly not complaining.

For me, having plants goes beyond the aesthetic benefits. Other than the bonus of cleaning the air, having something to take care of even if only once a week, is a relaxing process.

In a study conducted through Texas A&M, there are several health benefits of plants, including an increase in concentration and memory. Plants also have a calming nature about them that some people don’t even notice.

Being a plant owner in Albuquerque is made easy by the various places to shop.

My personal favorite is Rehm’s Nursery. The nursery has everything one needs to keep plants thriving. The selection varies from trees to outdoor plants to cacti, all reasonably priced. The soil sold there is just as diverse as the plants.

A good runner up to that is a bit surprising. Little Bear Coffee Co. is in conjunction with No Longer Wander, a store behind the coffee house. Each week the store receives a shipment of plants from local vendors.

While the selection is not as diverse as Rehm’s Nursery, No Longer Wander has tons of reasonably priced cacti and succulents.

Spur Line Supply Co. is known for its aesthetically pleasing displays and incorporates plants into decor and products.

Although on the expensive side, Spur Line has a back window dedicated to plants of all sorts. I don’t typically go there to buy plants, but its selection of pots is my go-to.

If you are like me and were born without the natural green thumb, don’t fret. Picking a plant is the first step, and the next is research.

Making sure you house the plant in the correct light, temperature and soil is key. Cacti and succulents have their own special soil, which I buy at Rehm’s.

If this article only gave you more anxiety about being a plant parent, there are a few more options.

The first, air plants.

Air plants require no soil and minimal water — in fact just spray them once a week and occasional soaks, and they will be happy.

If you are still not swayed about the benefits and ease of owning plants, there is one final option — fake plants. Even though fake plants don’t give the health benefits of real plants, it’s perfect for people who want the aesthetic with little work.

Although at one point in my life I only owned fake plants, because I was tired of killing real ones, I’m now a strong advocate for the benefits of taking care and owning real plants.

Madison Spratto is a news editor at the Daily Lobo. The views in this column are her own. She can be contacted at news@dailylobo.com or on Twitter @Madi_Spratto.