This summer has been an exciting time for the music industry, and seems as if new music is appearing around every corner. To give a heads up on some more releases coming up, let’s take a look at some artists to check out who are crafting new songs for their next albums.


First a YouTube sensation, then recording artist, Joji has been producing music under two artist names: “Pink Guy,” and “Joji.” He first released music through the character created on his, “Filthy Frank” YouTube channel known as, “Pink Guy,” back in 2011.

However, since retiring from his YouTube channel, he has moved to embracing his true self through his artist name, “Joji,” which is short for his full name, George Miller. He released two songs off of his album,-“Chloe Burbank,” on Soundcloud in 2015 that was never released in full. However, his first official album, “In Tongues,” was released in 2017. Joji has since then been working with a group known as “88rising,” for their summer release, “Head In The Clouds.” Joji’s music features soft vocals, emotional lyrics, along with stunning visuals and soundscapes.

According to Joji’s main instagram account, he will be releasing a new album at the end of summer, and the date is to be determined.

Matt Corby

A soulful alternative singer coming out of Australia, Matt Corby is allegedly working on his second studio album. The date is not yet known, but Corby released a single that will possibly be featured on his next album titled, “No Ordinary Life.”

A lot of the music Corby releases is inspired by blues music, with an alternative/indie twist. If you haven’t already heard his music, Corby’s“Telluric” album features eleven tracks on several streaming platforms. Corby has also released EP’s in the past, and collaborated with Norwegian-DJ, Kygo in 2016 on the track titled, “Serious.”

Corby’s music is incredibly diverse, and showcases his many musical capabilities. Matt Corby fans are anxiously waiting for his second studio album to release.

Young the Giant

The five-man band from Los Angeles, Young the Giant, released their first official album back in 2011 featuring twelve tracks, including two of their most well known tracks “My Body,” and “Cough Syrup.” Their music can be most closely referred to as alternative rock, but their songs are each so unique that they almost can’t be labeled one genre.

Due to the bandmates’ various cultural backgrounds, a variety of musical styles are incorporated in their music. Their last album, “Home of the Strange,” was released in 2016 and the band went on tour that same year. On June 14, the band released their latest single, “Simplify,” which is set to be featured on their upcoming album.

On their Instagram page, the band recently hinted to their new album to be released on Aug. 24, but then confirmed the official release to be on Oct 12. Their fan base has been waiting since 2016 for a new album, and based on YTG’s track record, the album will be well worth the wait.


The seven-member K-pop band has made a tremendous impact on the U.S this year, with the boys of BTS (“bulletproof boy scouts”) performing their single, “Fake Love,” at this year’s annual Billboard Music Awards.

They have won the “Top Social Artist,” for two consecutive years at the Billboard Music Awards, and have such a variety of talents shared amongst each of the band members. K-pop groups tend to have a lot of members within them because there are several roles in regards to the group’s image, that they are trying to fulfill.

However, despite what appears to be a large group compared to American bands, BTS has been making music since 2013 and is still going strong. According to Billboard, their next album in the trio collection of the “Love Yourself” albums, is going to be titled, “Love Yourself: Answer.”

The album released on Aug. 24, and even if you don’t consider yourself a fan of K-pop, BTS is breaking history with their accomplishments in music and should be supported through their success.

St. Paul & the Broken Bones

Coming out of Birmingham, AL, St. Paul & the Broken Bones is a six-member band featuring gospel and soulful tunes with retro undertones. They released their first studio album, “Half the City,” in 2014 which features one of their most well-known hits, “Call me.”

The song specifically showcases the true gospel and soul talents of the group’s lead singer, Paul Janeway, and just how much the band can accomplish with their musicality. The band just released a single titled, “GotItBad,” on Aug. 10,, and are set to release their third studio album on Sep. 7,. Their last album “Sea of Noise,” was released in 2016 and should be given a listen before their next album comes out next month.

These are several other artists coming out with new music for release either in the month of August, or September. Due to their being more artists set to release new albums, here’s a brief list of what’s to come in the world of music:

End of August: Troye Sivan, “Bloom.” Meghan Trainor, “Treat Myself.” Iron and Wine, “Weed Garden EP.”

September: Lenny Kravitz, “Raise Vibration. Macy Gray, “Ruby.” Paul McCartney, “Egypt Station.” Alt-J, “Reduxer.” BROCKHAMPTON “Iridescence”

October: Twenty One Pilots, “Trench.” Yoko Ono, “Warzone.”

Macey Rose is a freelance reporter with the Daily Lobo. She can be contacted by email at or on Twitter @maceyrae9.