After the Gulf War, a large Albuquerque fundamentalist Christian church held a rally celebrating U.S. victory in Iraq. I went to that rally. I held up signs strongly opposing war. A man told me, “Blessed is he who takes your little ones and dashes them against the rock.” That is an awful, actual verse in the Bible (Psalm 137:9). Many Christian fundamentalists believe the whole Bible is the perfect Word of God.

Many Muslim fundamentalists believe the whole Quran is the perfect Word of God. Some Muslim fundamentalists use verses from the Quran to justify their atrocities. Some Christian fundamentalists use verses from the Bible to justify evil U.S. wars.

I highly recommend the great book in our city library, “The Atheist Muslim — A Journey from Religion to Reason,” by Ali A. Rizvi. Honest, heartfelt, personal… I identify deeply with him in his long road from religion to reason. I was a sincere Christian preacher 50 years ago, but I am no longer religious. I refuse to allow the Bible or the Quran or any book to turn off my mind and harden my heart.

Sadly both the Bible and the Quran contain many vicious verses advocating war, violence and other evils in God’s name.

Don Schrader