Since March 2018, a caravan of migrants from Central America began their journey to ask for asylum in the U.S.. The caravan grew, and more people desperately ran from the violence and hunger experienced in their home countries.

Crossing the Mexican border, migrants of the caravan had finally arrived in Tijuana, Mexico by November. By Nov. 22 there was an estimated 4,300 people in one of the holding centers the Mexican government had set for them in Tijuana.

What used to be a baseball field, has now become where many people from El Salvador, Honduras and Guatemala stay to wait to for asylum.

By Nov. 23, 400 more migrants had arrived to this “albergue,” many began to camp outside as the space filled up.

On Nov. 22 many set to do a peaceful march, but were stopped by the Mexican police — marchers were blocked from one of the boarders where many people cross. By Friday and Saturday, they began to paint flags and messages for a march set on Sunday Nov. 25, with the goal to ask the U.S. government for entrance to the country.