When it comes to trends, teenagers tend to jump on board early. Whether it's fashion, technology, games, music, celebrities or social media, there's a trend for it all.

Erin Wood, a high school senior at Tierra Encantada Charter School in Santa Fe, is a writer for the school’s online newspaper, TECS Stinger.

Wood said several styles are currently trending around her school. Boots have been popular with everyone. High school girls have also been drawing stars and hearts on their faces with makeup and glitter.

The "VSCO girl" style is making its way around Tierra Encantada as well, according to Wood. The VSCO girl style includes scrunchies, Birkenstock sandals and is usually completed with a Hydro Flask reusable water bottle and jeans with vintage-looking tops, t-shirts or sweaters.

In terms of technology, iPhones reign supreme with the teenagers at Tierra Encantada. Gaming is also quite popular amongst the students  — PlayStation being the preferred console.

Pokémon Go still remains a popular game among the students following its initial release in 2016. Instagram is the most popular social media site used by the teenagers, but Tik Tok is slowly on the rise. Many students like to watch makeup tutorials and gaming videos on YouTube in addition to using the platform for homework.

Although football reigns supreme among Americans, soccer is the most popular sport at Tierra Encantada —both to watch and play.

Kylie Jenner holds the title as the most popular celebrity. Many of the young women at the school see her as a very well-rounded role model.

Susan Schripsema, a journalism teacher and head of La Cueva High School’s student newspaper, said that from social media to fashion and food, students are matching each other.

For young men, fashion trends include curly, permed hair while Air Force Ones, Vans and Birkenstocks are at the soles of their feet. Faux fur jackets, American Eagle sweatshirts and North Face backpacks round out the look.

According to Schripsema, girls prefer wearing their hair long and straight.

Vans and Birkenstocks are the most popular shoes, and the general favorite clothing brand is Pink. The iPhone also reigns supreme amongst the students at La Cueva. Tik Tok is the most popular social media website, and they also have something called "La Cueva Point." To the students, this makes pointing at someone on social media a lot less creepy.

Football is the most popular sport at LCHS — both playing and watching. The most popular celebrities are Selena Gomez, Taylor Swift and Kevin Hart. Despite the feud between Popeye’s and Chick-fil-A sandwiches, the latter is preferred among the students.

Manuel Garcia, a junior at Pojoaque High School, said the "swag" style — like the styles of Justin Bieber, Jaden Smith and Zayn Malik — is in at his school. The VSCO girl style and styles like Cardi B are popular with the girls.

Like the students at Tierra Encantada, students are drawn to gaming. Unlike Tierra Encantada, however, Xbox One is the preferred console. Call of Duty games are the most popular with the boys while simulation games like Sims are popular with the girls. Card games, like Cards Against Humanity, have also been rising in popularity.

Snapchat is the most popular social media site with the Pojoaque teens, but like many other schools, Tik Tok is slowly on the rise.

The most popular celebrities at the school are Ariana Grande and Billie Elish. The most popular food amongst the students is pizza, but tacos are a close second.

Caitlin Scott is a freelance reporter at the Daily Lobo. She can be contacted at culture@dailylobo.com or on Twitter @Caitlin69123118