The University of New Mexico is home to numerous undergraduate fine arts programs, masters of fine arts programs and a large collection of various types of art. Year-round, there is at least one art exhibit up for viewing — if not more.

"There Must Be Other Names for the River"

From Aug. 1 through Dec. 5 of 2020, this exhibit centers around the Rio Grande, climate change, snowmelt and the many other water sources that convene through the Rio Grande. This exhibit will be in the Master of Fine Arts Project Space and will feature the work of three UNM Master of Fine Arts students — Marisa Demarco, Dylan McLaughlin and Jessica Zeglin.

According to its website, this is "a multi-media installation examining the history, present and potential futures of the Rio Grande."

"Remix Room with León De la Rosa-Carrillo"

From Feb. 7 through May 9 of 2020, this exhibit will be at the on-campus UNM Art Exhibit and is the creation of UNM’s second creative-in-residence project. Artist and UNM professor León De la Rosa-Carrillo is the curator of this exhibit and will be inviting the UNM community to consider all the different types of remixes there are as a form of inquiry and type of art.

"Following Tamarind Master Printer Valpuri Remling As She Experiences Her Cassilhaus Retreat and Residency"

From Nov. 13, 2019, through June 17, 2020, the Tamarind Institute is allowing the UNM community to follow along with master printer Valpuri Remling through a blog as she embarks on her residency in North Carolina. Since UNM students and the broader community cannot follow the master printer in her journey in real life, this blog is frequently updated with stories about her experience out of state, both in terms of people she has the chance to meet and the things that she learns.

Megan Holmen is the news editor at the Daily Lobo. She can be contacted at or on Twitter @megan_holmen