Simple items around every household can be transformed into some refreshing Do-It-Yourself crafts to relieve your boredom when stuck at home. 

For anyone looking to create, it might require gathering some cheap materials from places like Dollar Tree, Hobby Lobby or Micheals — but it can also be fun to only work with what you have if the stores are closed.

Magazine Collage

When cleaning after possibly the second time during your day, keep an eye out for some old magazines or newspapers that you can reuse. Be creative!  

Flip through your magazines and cut out anything that attracts your eye. Images and BOLD words that make you feel some kind of way are important. When you have those cut-out images, that can really make the whole collage come together and POP. 

It helps to start off with having a base of cardboard underneath when you glue all the papers together. Being an art studio as a college student does require having some glue, so thankfully I had some in my pantry. However, glitter was nowhere to be found. This resulted in me making a quick run to the store. 

If you’re feeling fancy and want to go all-out, grab some stickers just for the sake of it!

Once completed and you have a new collage and have decluttered all the magazines that were hiding in your bookshelf. And you never know, once completed it could make a great wall decoration for your room or work environment. 

The more creative mindset you put yourself in, the more you get to explore your imagination when you are stuck at home all day. 

Remember to not give the virus more energy, and keep your hands clean! 

Cameron Ward is a freelance reporter at the Daily Lobo. She can be contacted at or on Twitter @xx_cameo_xx