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"Cannabisseur's Delight" playlist cover art made by Joseph McKee.

PLAYLIST: Cannabisseur's Delight

The recent legalization of recreational cannabis is cause for celebration, and to commemorate the event and the upcoming 4/20 holiday, the Daily Lobo editors assembled their favorite songs with especially chill vibes. Listen to the playlist on Spotify here!

Design Director: Joseph McKee 

Song: “Nothing Can Stop Us” - Saint Etienne

Playlist Tracks: 1- 5

Featuring a blend of house-inspired rhythms, breathy vocals and romantic strings, “Nothing Can Stop Us” is one of the strongest songs off of Saint Etienne’s 1991 album “Foxbase Alpha.” The song has an overall dream-like quality and bright pop essence that is addictive given its simple beat and swirling flourishes. 

News Director: Megan Gleason

Song: Come Sail Away by Styx

Playlist Tracks: 6 - 10

This classic song takes you through a multitude of different rock styles while highlighting creative and realistic lyrics. The combination of percussive and vocal elements, along with core guitar support, creates an encapsulating listening experience that perfectly accompanies your “relaxation” time. Although the chorus eventually fades out, the song continues to play in your mind well into the rest of the day. 

Copy Editor: Liam DeBonis
Song: Serene by Ambulo 

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Playlist Tracks: 11 - 15

“Serene” is a masterpiece of soothing, gentle beats to slow your heart rate down. The calming piano chords and laid-back beat forms an idyllic backdrop for the beautiful guitar line which flows effortlessly through the track. It’s a perfect song to sip tea or meditate with.

Editor-in-Chief: Alex McCausland
Song: Into the Deep Time (One Sun) - Candy Claws

Playlist Tracks: 16 - 20

This intro track to the album “Ceres & Calypso in the Deep Time” surrounds you in a lush, enveloping soundscape that pulls you in further and further with each psychedelic chord. The song’s droning progression lulls you into a trance-like state that compliments any herbalist’s day off. Great for fans of: My Bloody Valentine, Slowdive, Melody’s Echo Chamber and Tame Impala. 

Photo Editor: John Scott 

Song: Pink + White - Frank Ocean

Playlist Tracks: 21 -24

Even on an album that’s loaded with fantastic songs, “Pink + White” still manages to stand out among the crowd, namely because of the elegant, lavish production and Frank Ocean’s smooth vocals. Once you hit the vocal harmonizations with Beyonce, you’re completely entranced. You’ll wish you could go back and listen to it for the first time just to remember the feeling.

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