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New Mexico Ice Wolves vs. Amarillo Wranglers

Hockey in the desert

Home to a hockey team in the desert, the Outpost Ice Arena is where the New Mexico Ice Wolves reside – a Tier II junior ice hockey team in the North American Hockey League (NAHL) in the South Division. The team was founded in 2019, and since then they have been getting down and dirty competing against nine other teams across the South Division from Texas, Louisiana, Oklahoma and Colorado. The organization has recruited players from all over, including defenseman Luca Ricci from Montreal, Canada who is amazed at the amount of support the team received when he first arrived in New Mexico.

gpsa grad union resolution.jpg

United Graduate Workers and UNM begin negotiations on wage increases

The United Graduate Workers of the University of New Mexico and UNM administration have begun another round of bargaining sessions. This the first time the sessions will be in conjunction with state and University budget schedules, as decided upon by the amended collective bargaining agreement last fall. The union seeks to increase wages for all graduate students to attain “just compensation and living wages,” according to their website.  The first bargaining session this round took place April 8, followed by an April 10 session.   This is the first time UGW and the University has held negotiations in the spring – the same time in which the University and the state of New Mexico set their budgets, according to Wilber Dominguez, union steward for the physics department. 

UNM Basketball Civic Plaza event

City of Albuquerque celebrates UNM men's basketball team

The City of Albuquerque hosted a celebration for the recently crowned champions of the Mountain West men’s basketball tournament this past Thursday, April 11. Mayor Tim Keller and the men’s basketball team came out to greet and spend time with the fans. Keller presented two trophies to the Lobos: a golden Lobo hand and the official winning basketball. Keller spoke about what the accomplishment meant, not only to the fans, but to the city itself.

LTE: A Chicano's Journey in ASUNM: Navigating DEI at an HSI

Letter: New Mexicans have more to be thankful for this Tax Day By: Paige Knight

This Tax Day, we all have much to be thankful for as we consider the bounty of public goods and services that are made possible with our tax dollars. These include a school system that offers a free education to every child, the roads and other transportation infrastructure that make it possible for us to move about our cities and state, the first responders who keep our communities safe, no or low-cost health care coverage for a majority of New Mexicans, our plentiful parks, libraries, museums and so much more.

Untitled Artwork

UNM Honors College enters its Swiftie era

The University of New Mexico is entering its Taylor Swift era as the Honors College introduces a new class in the fall, “Taylor Swift: Honors Version.” Under the guidance of lecturer Maria Szasz, a self-proclaimed "Swiftie" and seasoned educator, the full semester course will explore various jukebox musicals and Swift songs. It will culminate in the class creation of a jukebox musical featuring Swift's songs. “The goal of the class is to study Taylor Swift's music, lyrics, philanthropy, economic impact and everything she's doing for women and artists,” Szasz said. “And the class will then create their own jukebox musical based on the life, song lyrics (and) eras of Taylor Swift.”

Locked up products

Customer concern over locked-up necessities

Stores like Walmart and Target have been placing more products, from toothpaste to deodorant, behind locked display cases. This has prompted customer concern, per six survey respondents. These cases, often used for products like electronics, spray paint or alcohol, are now used for various basic necessities, according to USA Today. The cases can only be opened by an employee, according to Forbes. A tube of Crest toothpaste, locked up at the Target location on Montgomery Blvd, costs $3.99. Dandelion Springer, a second-year psychology student at the University of New Mexico who frequents Target stores, said he is unsettled by the practice.

Palestine Leaders.jpg

Students urge Board of Regents to address Israel divestment resolution

“My parents survived the genocide that happened in Bangladesh. My dad was two years old when it happened. He has scars on his body from being beaten by Pakistani soldiers,” University of New Mexico College Democrats President Rakin Faruk said. On Jan. 26, the International Court of Justice deemed it “plausible” that Israel committed genocide against Gaza in some cases after Oct. 7, 2023. As of Apr. 7, at least 33,137 Palestinians have been killed by the Israeli army, according to Aljazeera. For Faruk, the genocide has affected her entire life, she said. The brutality inflicted upon her own family is why she has been so involved with the protests for Palestine, she said. 

3rd party.jpg

Opinion: No Labels: The scam that keeps on scamming

Many Americans are exhausted from our two political giants, Democrats and Republicans. Their divisiveness inflames and divides us every four years. A substantial 63% of Americans believe “a third party is needed” because the Republican and Democratic parties do “such a poor job,” according to a September 2023 Gallup Poll. While party diversity within our government would be ideal as it gives greater representation to those with differing opinions, Americans must treat third-parties with the same seriousness as our major parties and must not vote for third-party candidates based solely on their outsider status.

UNM Baseball vs. Sam Houston

Baseball: Lobos drop series against Sam Houston

The baseball team lost two games against Sam Houston State University over the weekend. In Friday’s matchup, the Lobos lost a high scoring game 23-14 and lost Sunday 14-3.  Saturday’s match was canceled due to high winds. The game will not be rescheduled.   

student election opinions.jpeg

How to participate in NM’s 2024 primary elections

This story was originally published by Source New Mexico. New Mexico’s primary election will determine who will appear on the general election ballot this November. Primary election day will be held on June 4. Early voting begins May 7. These dates can affect whether voters can participate in the primaries being held by political parties in the state.

New Mexico United vs. El Paso Locomotive FC

New Mexico leaves rivals in the wind

New Mexico United had their fifth game of the 2024 season, hosting the El Paso Locomotives, and took home a roller coaster 3-2 victory. The last 15 minutes of the game saw a nail biting close finish with both teams each scoring two goals. United came off a great victory against the Rising Phoenix FC, and will now go on with a two-win streak. Head Coach Eric Quill talked about what got his team through the game. “It was a roller coaster night. (We came) out of the gates hot (after) scoring that first goal and then, for some reason, we let them take over,” Quill said. “We regrouped at halftime and settled down, played more of our brand and then they saw some life with those two goals, 2-1 at 88. But we showed real character with our subs coming on, which is (an) outstanding mentality.”


Opinion: The Clippers need to move

When the Los Angeles Clippers acquired NBA superstars, Kawhi Leonard and Paul George, this was seen as a great move for them and would surely guarantee a long future of success both in the league and in their city. The recruitment of their newest additions was also to compete with their cross town rivals, the Los Angeles Lakers, after they acquired Anthony Davis to pair with Lebron James. All of this happened back in 2019, and since then, the Clippers have been falling short, the franchise has been shrouded in mediocrity and, all the while, the Lakers won an NBA Championship.

Isotopes concessions

Review: Isotopes concessions knock it out of the park

The Albuquerque Isotopes unveiled their new concession items right before the current season. The latest food up to bat has me singing, “Take me out to the concession stands.” The ballpark's executive chef, Jim Griego, is the mastermind behind these new dishes. Griego wanted to create food that made coming to the stadium a culinary experience (that requires lots of napkins). 

Lobo Louie and Lucy.jpg

Lobo Louie and Lobo Lucy: Siblings or dating?

A question has long plagued University of New Mexico students and they have been left in the dark to wonder: are beloved mascots Lobo Louie and Lobo Lucy siblings or dating? Two Daily Lobo editors teamed up to get to the bottom of the mystery, calling upon multiple eyewitnesses and combing through historical documents. Despite the University’s insistence that Louie and Lucy are siblings, mounting evidence points to their romantic involvement. Photographic evidence from a decade ago caught Louie and Lucy kissing in the Student Union Building. Witness of the kiss, Faye Kerr speculated it marked the beginning of their relationship.

Ms. Frizel.jpg

New bus driver Ms. Frizzle put on leave due to horrifying adventure

If you’re cruising on down University, relaxing and feeling good, you might have been lucky enough to spot the University of New Mexico’s newest shuttle bus driver, Valerie Frizzle, known locally as Ms. Frizzle. Frizzle, although just recently hired, has also been put on temporary leave due to misconduct related to “adventuring.” Her employment at UNM has been questioned in less than a week since her hiring on Tuesday, March 26. Frizzle is a former elementary school science teacher who was searching for a career change. When the opportunity arose, she decided to begin driving shuttle buses for UNM, Frizzle said.


UNMPD announces ‘Small Arms Division’: New animal task force comprised of T. rexes

The University of New Mexico Police Department announced at a press conference on Wednesday, March 27 that they will expand the animal police force to include a pack of Tyrannosaurus rexes. T. rexes are known for their speed, agility and smarts. Their inherent sense for sniffing out blood will be utilized on the job. It will also be expanded to detect various paraphernalia and explosives, UNMPD Chief Ian Winterhalder said. The dinosaurs are capable of running at an impressive 12 miles per hour, faster than 90% of the current police force, according to  UNMPD’s website.

STEM on jetpacks.jpg

STEM in the sky, humanities in the hollows

The University of New Mexico has unveiled a new infrastructure plan in which Science Technology Engineering and Math (STEM) buildings will float a mile above ground and humanities buildings will be relocated to underground tunnels to shield students from the STEM jet flames. “STEM subjects are the future and we need to show our support for our STEM students by giving them an educational experience with state of the art technology: jetpacks,” UNM President Garnett Stokes said. ”We must also, as the flagship university of the state, demonstrate a decisive superiority over New Mexico State University.”

Football is complicated.jpg

Opinion: Football is too complicated and I don’t like it

After years of analysis (I watched a 30-minute video of NFL highlights), I’ve come to the conclusion that football is too complicated and I don’t like it. There, I said it – this is a fully legitimate expert opinion. I actually would’ve made it to the big leagues if it weren’t for my knee injury. First of all, being able to enjoy the game is entirely dependent on an understanding of the imperial measurement system, which most of the world no longer uses. Well, that and beer consumption. And a bowl of nachos.


UNM sorority hosts fight club for rush season

“I will rip those stupid fake highlights clean out of your skull. Anyways, see you tomorrow night sister, xoxoxo,” Ashleigh Damon wrote in a text message to sorority sister Kayleigh Smith that was leaked to the Daily Lobo. Smith is just one of many students preparing to make the most out of their ...

Untitled Artwork

LoboAlerts fails to warn UNM students of impending doom

Another Rapture caught many students off guard when the LoboAlerts warning system failed to go off in a timely manner, causing many to be stuck in apocalyptic situations. “When I saw that the sky had turned dark and hordes of locusts were emerging from everywhere, I thought to myself, it would have been nice to know about this an hour ago,” Hellen Fyre, a University of New Mexico junior, said. Fyre, like many students, was disappointed by the lateness of the LoboAlert, which should warn students before they go into potentially hazardous conditions, such as hellfire erupting from the ground, she said.

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