Last Friday, in the wake of severe criticism from the Department of Justice, President Bob Frank outlined the steps UNM is taking to create a safer climate.

Several University entities are following suit, saying action is being taken to meet the necessary standards on a campus-wide level.

On Friday morning the Department of Justice revealed their findings regarding UNM’s handling of sexual assault causes, saying the University is not up to code because of confusing policies and outdated procedures.

But at a press conference later that day, University officials emphasized that there is more to the issue than the DOJ report suggests.

Informational posters were set up in the room, illustrating a timeline spanning the past three years and a checklist of key tasks that arose out of a University commissioned report in February of last year.

Scribendi, a nonprofit, annual magazine of creative works developed by undergraduate honors students since 1986 has been officially defunded by Associated Students of the UNM after it requested money from this spring’s ASUNM budget.

The amount of funding requested by UNM student organizations amounted to more than $1 million. However, less than seven hundred thousand was actually available, resulting in funding reductions for nearly every organization applying.

The Red Nation and Kiva Club are campaigning to abolish the UNM's official seal, saying it is racist towards Native Americans.

"The UNM [official seal] celebrates genocide and conquest—both are violations of basic human rights and belong in a museum of a bygone era," said The Red Nation co-founder Nick Estes. "It’s 2016 and UNM is still celebrating crimes against humanity – colonialism and genocide – and Natives are still underrepresented at all levels at the University.”

Grad students help Middle Eastern girls get an education

A group of UNM graduate students are facilitating access to education for girls going to school in Pakistan and Afghanistan — two countries marred by war and violence.

The students provide lectures to girls in primary schools in Pakistan and facilitate their access to an education by providing financial support.

University of new Mexico regents table proposed online fees

Before voting to increase undergraduate student tuition by 2.5 percent, the UNM Board of Regents elected to hold off on voting for an online course delivery fee redistribution proposal, in order to do some fine-tuning.

Associate Vice President of Enrollment Management Terry Babbitt presented the proposal at Tuesday’s UNM Board of Regents’ annual Budget Summit, saying that it would help the University’s presence in the online classroom medium.

“We’re trying to be competitive in the distance education environment,” Babbitt said.

Abandoned frat house catches fire

The Albuquerque Fire Department was dispatched to 1705 Mesa Vista to contain a blaze in the early hours of Feb. 23.

According to AFD, no injuries were reported and the fire has not spread. There is still no further information at the time of publication as to what caused the fire. Part of that is because the structure was a former Sigma Phi Epsilon fraternity house, one of many Greek houses currently vacant.  

Graduate study space opens in Zimmerman

The grand opening of a new commons area in Zimmerman library on Thursday kicked off a fresh opportunity for graduate students to exclusively utilize a quiet study space.

Located on the first floor of Zimmerman, in Room 102 opposite the Learning Commons, the new space will be open during usual library hours, said Abigail G. Robertson, a graduate medieval studies student.

Robertson is the incoming Graduate and Professional Students Association (GPSA) Chair of Media and Outreach. She said many factors - including the library's location at the center of main campus as well as availability of resources vital for graduate research - makes Zimmerman an ideal home for the Graduate Commons.

Two UNM students win tax law competition

Two UNM Law School students won best overall and best written submission in the J.D. division of the 15th Annual ABA Law Student Tax Challenge held in Los Angeles.

The students received first place in the oral arguments for their performance in defending their work product at the competition. They also won for the best written submission, which was decided before attending the meeting.

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