On Tuesday night, Patricia Henning, Ph.D. of the University of New Mexico’s Department of Physics and Astronomy, spoke about solar systems, stars and other elements of the universe, while also touching on her own research.

She gave a lecture titled “Our Abundant Universe” as part of the New Mexico Philharmonic’s series, “Discovering Abundance.”

Held on the third floor of Hodgin Hall, Alexis Corbin, operations coordinator and personnel manager of the New Mexico Philharmonic, introduced the lecture.

The Institute for Medieval Studies hosted their 33rd Annual Spring Lecture Series this week.

Speakers came from many different universities around the world to talk about elements pertaining to this year’s topic: “Sacred Objects and Places of the Middle Ages,” according to Timothy Graham, director of the Institute for Medieval Studies and regents' professor at the University of New Mexico.

“We're...examining that concept of sacred objects and places through four different religious and cultural traditions: the Western European Latin Christian tradition, the Greek Orthodox tradition, the Hebrew tradition and the Islamic tradition,” Graham said. “The individual lectures are going to be talking about particular revered books within those traditions, buildings or locations.”

Released on March 23, “Final Portrait” tells the story of artist Alberto Giacometti as he paints a portrait of his old friend, James Lord. Sitting for the painting was only supposed to last Lord a single day, but the process slowly turned into three weeks.

The film was adapted from the 1965 memoir Lord authored, detailing his experience and interactions with the pessimistic and selfish artist Giacometti. Lord’s memoir is titled “A Giacometti Portrait.”

The UNM Art Museum is remembering Patrick Nagatani, a UNM Regents’ Professor who taught photography, with an upcoming exhibition, “Patrick Nagatani: A Survey of Early Photographs.”

This show will feature work Nagatani made in his early stages of becoming the well-known artist he grew to be, said Mary Statzer, the curator of the exhibit.

“This exhibition is in celebration of his life and work and his career as a teacher,” Statzer said. “We received a large gift of photographs from him before he died last year, and this show is comprised of many of those works that came in that gift. They're actually photographs that he made before he came to New Mexico. They are works that have not been seen as often here, in New Mexico — some of which haven't been seen or exhibited in a long time.”

Exhibit displays well-traveled books

Do you ever look a book and wonder where it has traveled?

In the Frank Waters Room in Zimmerman Library at the University of New Mexico, there is an exhibit of books that have traveled all around the United States, called the “University Presses Book, Jacket and Journal Show.”

The books displayed in the show are winners of a design competition that the Association of University Presses holds every year, said Lisa Tremaine, the art director and production manager of UNM Press.

Prof's book explores the power of empathy

An individual's capacity for compassion and empathy is portrayed as a powerful tool in “The Compassionate Connection: The Healing Power of Empathy and Mindful Listening,” written by University of New Mexico Professor and Chair for Family and Community Medicine David Rakel, M.D.

Throughout the book, Rakel tells a series of stories from the medical field, delving into the power of empathy and expanding on the relationships individuals create with those they meet both medical professional and patient.

"Culturas Del Sol" mural brightens up Popejoy

Editor’s Note: This is the first in a series of articles on different UNM public art pieces. Continue to follow the Daily Lobo for more.

The University of New Mexico has over 25 pieces of public art.

One of these pieces titled “Culturas Del Sol” by James Jacob is a Talavera Tile mural found in the UNM Center for the Arts outside Popejoy Hall in the foyer of the Center for the Arts. Made in 1996, “Culturas Del Sol” translates to cultures of the sun.

Photo Story: The wonderful world of unique cars

I am no expert, but I can appreciate a good car when I see one.

This past spring break I had the chance to visit the Concours d’Elegance car show in Amelia Island, Florida, where my parents live. The island’s Concours d’Elegance has been around since 1996 and features restored trucks, race cars and kit cars. Also featured were concept cars from big-name companies, and smaller ones I had never heard of, all with futuristic elements, like endless windows and GPS systems projected onto the windshield.

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