It’s no secret that DC has been severely lagging behind Marvel in the cinematic universe department. DC’s films have gathered mostly mixed reviews not quite hitting a universally high critical consensus until this year’s “Wonder Woman.”

Zack Snyder’s “Justice League” is the culmination of four years’ worth of universe building. While mostly harmless, the film never reaches the stellar heights of Marvel’s “The Avengers.”

There’s very little chemistry between the characters, which is unfortunate, given the film hinges on a strong team dynamic for success. In fact, it was only Gal Godot that had an outstanding performance as Wonder Woman, mixing a genuine maternal charm with awesome ass-kicking action.

The 2017 Cherry Reel Film Festival is a one-of-a-kind production that gives student filmmakers an opportunity to share their work with the community.

“Every year, you’ll never see the same film twice. It’s always something different. It’s amazing watching filmmakers be so proud of their work, and to watch them watch it on the big screen is amazing,” said Victoria Martinez-Varela, executive director of the ASUNM Southwest Film Center.

The film center, located in the Student Union Building, began coordinating dates and setting up the event starting in September. Submission genres include: horror, sci-fi, comedy, experimental, documentary, animated short and music videos.

With Spanish music sounding all over the South Valley, hundreds gathered in costume for the 25th Annual Marigold Parade celebrating the Day of the Dead on Nov.

Con la música en español escuchandose en todo el Valle del Sur, cientos de personas se reunieron para el 25° desfile anual de cempasúchil, o el Marigold Parade en inglés, para celebrar el Día de los Muertos el 5 de noviembre.

This weekend kicked off the second year for the Indigenous Comic Con at the Isleta Resort & Casino, providing an exciting and educational experience for all those in attendance.

As an avid comic-con attendee myself, I was thrilled to see the familiar art booths that lined the rooms filled with both original art and fan art. Paintings, prints and homemade jewelry filled the booths, with the artists often on site to sign their work.

One such notable onsite artists was Arigon Starr, creator of the popular comic series “Super Indian,” featuring a hero of her own making.

Review: “Murder on the Orient Express” is stellar adaptation of classic whodunnit novel

The film doesn’t stray far from its famous source material, the classic Agatha Christie murder mystery novel. But Kenneth Branagh’s smart direction and lead performance as Hercule Poirot had me gripped from start to finish.

The film’s premise is as straightforward as its title suggests — someone has been murdered on a train, the Orient Express, during its journey from Jerusalem to Istanbul. When everyone onboard is a suspect, it’s up to the world’s greatest detective, Hercule Poirot, to sniff out the killer from the group of strangers.

Beards face off in playful contest

In the midst of No-Shave November, bearded and moustached aficionados gathered to compete for the title of best facial hair at Duel Brewery Friday night.

Gentlemen and gentlewomen strutted their facial manes in front of the judges and crowd. Competition was fierce, but only one could claim the prize.

The contest, organized by Christopher Isonhood, consisted of seven categories, including: “natural beard under six inches,” “natural beard over six inches,” “natural moustache,” “styled moustache,” “women’s beard,” “women’s moustache” and of course the eclectic “styled beard.” Other categories were “baby beard,” which consisted of new growth under an inch, and the “partial beard,” which falls somewhere in the realm of Joe Dirt, sporadic and patchy.

Lobos show off variety of skills at talent competition

Lobos got the chance to show off their unique skills onstage and compete for over $1,000 in prize money Friday at the tenth annual Lobo’s Got Talent show in the Student Union Building Ballrooms.

The talent competition premiered a wide variety of acts including singers, dancers and artists from a variety of diverse backgrounds.

Ryan Lindquist, interim director of Student Activities at the University of New Mexico, said Lobo’s Got Talent prides itself on not just being a singing show, but it encourages people to bring in all types of talents.

Performance fills Popejoy with bubbles

B-the Underwater Bubble Show awakened the inner child of many audience members Sunday afternoon at Popejoy Hall.

Mr. B, the main character in this Cirque du Soleil-inspired show, transported the audience to a dreamlike land called Bubblelandia.

Bubblelandia is a parallel universe where Mr. B escapes the pressures of adulthood through exceptional stage affects, bubble tornadoes, troupes of leaping acrobats, contortionists and bubble artists.

Drag contest celebrates LGBTQ culture

The drag culture in New Mexico may be rather small, but the close-knit community got their chance to shine this weekend.

On Nov. 11, the Queer Student Alliance held their 9th annual drag show in the University of New Mexico Student Union Building: “Drag in the USA.” The show aimed to celebrate talent within the community and for contestants to compete for the title of Miss USA.

This event was hosted by Sabryna Williams, who is an assistant manager at the Albuquerque Social Club, New Mexico’s longest running LGBT bar. The show was sponsored by Self Serve, Boba Tea, Rude Boy Cookies and the LGBTQ Resource Center.

Photo Story: Muertos y Marigolds brightens the streets

The Annual South Valley Muertos y Marigolds Parade on Sunday Nov. 5, 2017 started at El Centro Familiar and made its way to the Westside Community Center. Crowds waited throughout the South Valley in anticipation. Some participants and onlookers painted themselves with skull makeup and dressed up in various Day of the Dead motifs. The parade showcased decorated cars and bikes, along with music. After the parade was over, people headed to the Westside Community Center to enjoy music, food and shopping.

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