I was extremely excited to see the movie “Tag” after I viewed it’s trailer during the previews of almost every other movie I saw in theaters.

From the trailer, I could immediately tell that “Tag” was supposed to be hilarious, and I thought that the movie’s extremely unique plotline really strengthened its chance of being a successful comedy.

The University of New Mexico's Medieval Institute is an interdisciplinary course of study that combines both English and history classes focusing on medieval studies, said Emily Northcutt, a recent UNM graduate. Northcutt was the president of the Medieval Studies Student Organization during the spring semester of 2018.

According to Northcutt, the Medieval Institute benefits the entire Albuquerque community, not just students attending UNM. She said this is due to the annual spring lecture series. The spring lecture series brings in people from all over the community.

Released on June 1, “Adrift” follows the true story of a couple, Tami Oldham and Richard Sharp, who were lost at sea when commissioned to sail a yacht from Tahiti to San Diego in 1983.

The movie is based on the book "Red Sky in Mourning: A True Story of Love, Loss, and Survival at Sea," written by Oldham as a reflection of her journey and her thoughts on surviving Hurricane Raymond.

The world belonged to Belcalis Almanzar, other wise known as Cardi B, even if only for a day.

On April 7, Cardi B released her debut studio album titled “Invasion of Privacy.” No other album or artist in 2018 has had so much to prove. With Cardi B’s fan base growing by the day and her fame being held up by her groundbreaking hit “Bodak Yellow,” her future in the music industry seemed to weigh on the success of “Invasion of Privacy.”

Ranking the best tacos in ABQ

We started at the crack of dawn — 11 a.m. — with one goal in mind, to find the perfect taco.

Before we start, let’s introduce ourselves. Danielle Prokop and Shayla Cunico are both New Mexican natives and editors for the Daily Lobo. Shayla hails from Las Cruces, and Danielle was grown in a test tube in Los Alamos. Both have been eating tacos for at least 21 years.

Movie Review: Despite unique plot, Truth or Dare still disappoints

For about a month, every time I clicked on a YouTube video I was first forced to watch a commercial advertising the film “Truth or Dare.”

The commercial featured Lucy Hale, well known for her role as Aria in the TV show Pretty Little Liars, screaming at her male friend, daring him to cut his tongue out. The male character holds out his tongue, grips a knife, says something along the lines of “I can’t believe I’m doing this” and then — the screen fades to black.

Forrest Gump and Nikes: A queer analysis of Frank Ocean

Music’s most elusive act, Christopher Edwin Breaux, also known as Frank Ocean, has taken the world of music to new depths with not only his incomparable lyricism, but the vulnerability that he expresses through them.

Throughout his career, Ocean has become more open with expressing his sexuality through his art. In July of 2012, Ocean decided to make his first statement addressing his sexuality through an open letter on his Tumblr page. He explained that his first love was indeed a man and gave a detailed account of his loss of love they experienced.

Four LGBTQ movies to see during Pride Month

It is the month of June which means it is once again Pride Month. Pride Month consists of celebrating lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender individuals and groups across the world. Here are four movies that have taken bold steps to raise awareness and acceptance for the LGBTQ community and have worked to make an impact on societies understanding of the LGBTQ today.

Movie Review: Deadpool 2 continues to redefine superhero genre

As someone who had not yet seen the first “Deadpool” film and is not incredibly keen on superhero movies in general, I was not at all excited to see “Deadpool 2.”

That being said, this movie was so much more than your average superhero movie. It wasn’t at all child-friendly and was made up of an extreme amount of crude humor — not at all what I was expecting.

Movie Review: "Solo" reveals hidden layers in Star Wars universe

Released on May 24th, 2018, “Solo: A Star Wars Story” has been one of the most anticipated and greatest advertised new movies of 2018.

The Star Wars franchise kicked off the summer with this exciting new release, which serves as a backstory for the beloved Star Wars character, Han Solo.

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