On Wednesday, April 19, something happened on campus that should sound the alarm: A transwoman who is a student at UNM was violently assaulted on campus by three fringe activists in a shocking display of bigoted thuggery.

Many witnesses have confirmed this heinous act. There is no excuse for this bigoted act of thuggery against a transgendered student and activist, no matter what their political views might be.

That evening, while students rallied and survivors bravely held a vigil against sexual assault and rape culture on campus, three well-known lone activists — with no following — shouted at her for her political affiliation with the Students for Socialism—UNM club (SFS), a chartered student organization that holds regular meetings on campus.

“The public sees two characteristics as essential to middle-class status: a secure job and the ability to save money. Other characteristics — including owning a home and having a college degree — are not widely seen as necessary to be considered middle class,” said a Pew Research Center survey conducted Dec. 8 through 13, 2015.

Information like this plays a large part in the mentality of a college student who’s preparing to go out into the world as an independent adult.

It can be scary. The world of teenagehood is a pale reflection when compared to adulthood. Information found in the Center’s survey and elsewhere can seem completely different from the information incoming college students were given as teenagers.


A diplomatic fallout is currently taking place between the nations of Turkey and Iraq, but it is only a small symptom of a much larger problem. The Turkish president, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, has long been accused by regional leaders and political analysts of being one of ISIS' biggest supporters; his recent comments seem to cement these accusations. Speaking about the volunteer militias in Iraq, 


Worse for your health than any chronic health disease you could name.

The Washington bureaucrats have devised a plan which will make you sick! Yes, that’s right: they are pushing their “American Healthcare Plan” again. Only this time, it really will make you sick.
The plan will slash Medicaid, leaving 180,000 New Mexicans without health insurance. Quite possibly, at least one of your family members, friends or acquaintances will lose health coverage under this bill. 

Green Issue: The vegan’s guide to off-campus food

1. Naruto

Not only does Naruto host authentic Japanese cuisine, but they offer two vegan-friendly options to satisfy any palate: Fried Rice and Vegetable Eggless Noodles. The fried rice can be made vegan by requesting no eggs, or by simply stating: vegan noodles.

The noodles are then fried with carrots, green onions and spices, topped with garnish. The vegetable ramen comes with shiitake mushrooms, kombu seaweed broth with black mushrooms, cabbages, bok choy, Chinese cabbages, carrots, tofu, and red bell peppers. Ask for no boiled egg.

Letter: Trump has violated promise to stay out of Syria


Is it just me or did Donald Trump swear up and down during the election that he would not militarily escalate the U.S. presence in Syria? In fact, if I remember the debates correctly, he took more than one pot shot at Hillary Clinton for supporting unnecessary wars in the Middle East that, at the end of the day, did not benefit the people of the United States. 

Letter: Proper nutrition can help with substance addictions


Nutritionist Roger Williams in the 1950s proved that not enough nutrients causes alcoholism. In his experiments with rats, only 10 percent of those with full nutrition became alcoholic. When nutrients were cut by one-third, about 33 percent became alcoholic. When nutrients were tripled for super nutrition, only one percent became alcoholic.

In a study on people who boozed and smoked, an amazing 80 percent stopped without even trying when they received super nutrition.

Column: UNM skiing should be prioritized, not discontinued

Two days separated the announcement of Paul Weir as the new head men’s basketball coach and the discontinuation of both the men’s and women’s ski teams.

This jarring sequence reflects the wider — and questionable — priorities of UNM Athletics under the leadership of Paul Krebs.

Weir’s contract is to be 2.5 times that of his previous salary at NMSU. The base salary for his first year at UNM will be $625,000, escalating to $825,000 by his sixth year. Buyouts for basketball and football coaches have been costly for UNM in recent years, from Locksley to Neal.

Letter: Gov. Martinez cannot be allowed to cut higher education budget


I am stunned that Susana Martinez has chosen to defund the legislature and all colleges and universities in our state as her way to balance our state’s budget. If this particular situation is not resolved, then EVERY institute of higher learning in our state will be closed as of July 1. This is truly the most unconscionable act of political gamesmanship I have seen in a long time.

Letter: Bursar's credit card processing fee is harmful to students


Recently, I found myself in a predicament that many students at UNM face during their academic tenure.

A financial hold had been placed on my account, and I needed to make a payment to the Bursar's Office in order to have it removed. This seemed like a relatively simple task; I needed only to log on to their website and pay through my debit card, and all would be well. Little did I know, this was not the case. 

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