I've always admired Barbara Bush.

Like millions of others, I was saddened to hear about her declining health and then recent death. Many television tributes and well-deserved accolades have been verbalized in recent days. Her beautiful funeral service and all that was said from their Houston Episcopal Church was a tribute to one of America's finest ladies.

I had the opportunity to have my picture taken with the first lady many years ago. 


I want to applaud the Daily Lobo for its International Issue — what a wonderful glimpse of the diversity that we are!

It was a joy to see Tasawar Shah, one of my linguistically gifted doctoral students, featured along with other international students. By publishing this multilingual issue, the Daily Lobo put itself far ahead of all mainstream newspapers, even those with massive circulations and ahead of most online media as well. Bravo!

The natural human desire to bring new life into this world is not always so simple. When a fetus has serious medical conditions, it can be more risky to wait for after birth. Undergraduate Karina Dow discusses medical advances in a relatively new field of medicine, fetal surgery, in a recent UNM BioBlog.

Cannabis can go by many names — marijuana, ganja, weed, grass, sticky-icky or dank. Regardless of the name, cannabis has been used and cultivated for thousands of years.

With more than 1,000 different types of strains, it’s hard to believe that an ancient plant has made it to the top of the United States’ scheduled list of controlled substances, alongside heroin, all while cannabis’ medical properties continue to be overlooked by politicians with the help of pro-pharmaceutical lobbyists.

Green Issue — Column: Plant ownership can have many benefits

I don’t have the famous green thumb that usually coincides with being a good plant owner — in fact it’s fair to say I have quite the opposite.

Despite my terrible track record of killing plant after plant, a friend gave me the final push to try one more time, but this time, with plants I can actually keep alive.

Although owning cacti and succulents is a fairly new hobby of mine, it’s in step with a wide-spread trend. Owning plants is definitely “in” right now, but so is plant-themed decor. I can’t put my finger on why this trend has emerged, but I’m certainly not complaining.

Green Issue — Column: Five ways to make cash on the side

In today’s world, finding a job can be difficult. As a college student, balancing the demands of a job and school can be complicated, but necessary to pay for college, which is why students are always trying to find extra ways to earn money.

When you think of side hustling, you often think of bugging all your Facebook friends trying to sell them cosmetics or something they don’t really need. But there are other options for students to make a little extra money on the side — here are five.

Letter: If you quit


This column is about something I've thought about doing before and that's just saying the heck with it.

Letter: Freedom is winning in the Encryption Arms Race


At tax time in the U.S., as Gaurav Sangwani of India's Financial Express reports, many American cryptocurrency users weren't interested in discussing that aspect of their lives with the Internal Revenue Service. In an early April TeamBlind survey of 2,600 people who earned money from crypto, 46 percent said they wouldn't be reporting those earnings to Uncle Sam.

Meanwhile, per Investopedia's Nathan Reiff, fewer than 100 of Credit Karma Tax's 250,000 most recent filers had reported cryptocurrency transactions as of April 13.

Green Issue — Column: Where to eat while stoned

For many, smoking weed and food are synonymous with one another.

With 4/20 getting closer, there are plenty of places to get your eat on when the munchies hit, especially near campus.

As a self-proclaimed food savant, I will take you through the five best places to eat while stoned.

But first...

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