Editor's Note: This piece was originally published online in the UNM BioBlog on Feb. 7, 2018, written by Emily Chavez.


I am a senior citizen, longtime auditing UNM student and now food-insecure person. Food insecurity is the current term for hunger in the U.S., and nearly 50 million of us are affected, which is shameful in this wealthiest and one of the highest-food-producing countries in the world.


When would it be right for an enemy nation to murder your family? If never, how can it be right for the United States to murder families in enemy nations?

Would I, as an openly gay man, celebrate acceptance into the mafia? Would I, as an openly gay man, celebrate acceptance into a violent street gang? Would I, as an openly gay man, celebrate acceptance into a band of drug dealers or bank robbers?


For the fourth consecutive year, the New Mexico Lottery is pushing legislation to repeal the

guarantee that at least 30% of lottery revenues must go to college scholarships.

This fight goes back more than a decade.

Letter: Recent DACA cartoon in Albuquerque Journal lacks journalistic integrity


I was appalled when I saw that the Albuquerque Journal published an offensive cartoon a few days ago, depicting Dreamers as MS-13 thugs assaulting a conservative couple at gunpoint. It was particularly offensive to me, because I fit into the same demographic as the Dreamers: I was brought to the USA from Mexico by my parents as a little 7-year-old boy in pursuit of a better future. I grew up and graduated from UNM with my bachelor's degree in mechanical engineering, became a U.S. citizen prior to graduating from UNM and I have always been a productive member of American society.

Letter: Ordinary people can improve their communities with kindness


It’s hard to turn on the news anymore and not have a feeling of helplessness about the amount of crime in our state and the safety of our citizens. While it’s nice that Albuquerque is ranked as the nation’s kindest city (Whisper app, 2016), it’s equally disturbing that we are also ranked as one of the highest places for crime in the nation.

Column: A letter on journalists, apologies and accountability, in light of cartoon controversy

Dear Reader,

I’m not writing about the cartoon — yeah, that one. The cartoon depicting “Dreamers,” immigrant youths who were brought here as children, as terrorists and gang members from Mara Salvatrucha, also known as MS-13. The cartoon that sparked a protest, condemnations from locals to lawmakers and received national coverage.

Instead, let’s talk about journalists, apologies and accountability.

Letter: The Census for dummies (including the US Department of Justice)


"Uncertainly is swirling over whether the Census Bureau will be able to get an accurate population count for the 2020 census," the Hill reports. The Department of Justice wants the bureau to ask respondents about their citizenship status, which could result in people avoiding the census altogether.

There's a simple solution to the "problem," and that is for the Census Bureau to slim its questionnaire down to the only question it can legally ask:

"How many people live here?"

Letter: Your body is your most important possession - take good care of it


The only material possession we each have from birth to death is our body.

No other material possession can give us more misery or more pleasure. Sadly, many people take far better care of their car, house and pets than their own body. We can buy, sell or survive withour a car or house. We can adopt other pets. But we each own only one body to abuse or nurture.

Life is hard enough when we are healthy. We all will die. But until I die, I eat, I exercise, I sunbathe, I walk, I sleep to stay lean and healthy. Why suffer?

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