Dear President Trump,

It’s clear you hold quite the disdain for the media. While this is not uncommon for people in your position, the level of ferocity that you have shown has gone far beyond simple critiques.

Even after five journalists were gunned down in their own newsroom by a man who did not agree with their coverage of him, you stated publicly that those in the media are “the enemy of the people.”

We’ve all had that “oh no” moment when it dawns on us that we forgot some critical items for a trip. When traveling internationally there is an extra-long list of must-have items you might not use in your day-to-day life. It’s easy to accidentally forget something or not even realize you needed something until you're halfway across the world.

Deciding on what kind of bag to take on your trip is important because size, shape and type of bag matter. When choosing travelers need to know if their bag will be checked or carry-on only. When traveling, I choose not to check my bag, which means whatever bag I choose needs to be within the standard carry on dimensions; the biggest allowed is 9 inches by 14 inches by 22 inches (22cm x 35cm x 56cm).

If during your travels you plan on walking long distances or anticipate standing for long periods of time, then a rolling suitcase might not be the best choice. Instead of having to lug around a rolling suitcase around there are many backpack options that are easier to carry with you, no matter the terrain.

Castles, churches, fish’n chips, museums, the sea — and a whole lot of walking. The United Kingdom is comprised of England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland and all are uniquely incredible. Spending the past week in the U.K. has been a wonderful opportunity to visit new places and learn new things.

Unfortunately, this time around I was only able to visit England and Scotland, but I know I will be back to visit both Wales and Ireland. London, England and Aberdeen, Scotland were the two places where I spent most of my time, but I also visited Cullen, Stonehaven, Banchory, and Braemar all in northern Scotland.

Having lived in both London and Manchester as a child, my experience going back to London as a tourist was both unique and refreshing. London through the eyes of a child and through the eyes of an adult are two very different things.

To say that morale is low at the University of New Mexico would be a dramatic understatement.

Following the Board of Regents’ approval of eliminating four sports from the University, including the successful and beloved men’s soccer program, feelings toward New Mexico’s flagship institution have soured beyond recognition.

Column: My trip to Italy

Spaghetti alla carbonara in Rome, squid ink pasta in Venice, Margherita pizza in Naples and gelato everywhere in between. These are just some of the dishes I had the opportunity to try this summer during my five-week study abroad experience in Italy.

I do not speak a word of Italian, but I took a leap of faith and traveled with a University of New Mexico professor and three other UNM students to the hilltop town of Perugia, Italy to take a course called Writing Italian Food at the Umbra Institute.

Column: "Dry Campus" policy holds little water with taproom

New Mexico State University is not a dry campus. New Mexico Tech is not a dry campus (except the one dry dorm hall. It’s their “quiet dorm,” where even residents over 21 may drink if they have no underage roommates.) The University of New Mexico has made a blanket decision about all of its students.

The school says we cannot drink in our dorms and gives a myriad of reasons remiscient of Reefer Madness. However, all of these reasons lead to one conclusion: the population of UNM living on-campus is a ticking time bomb that is not to be trusted. It makes me feel like a criminal and a child, which is exactly what the school is saying.

Column: How to best fly internationally

Planning an international trip can be a long, complicated and stressful process. Buying plane tickets is just one of steps on the way to an exciting once-in-a-lifetime trip, and how you go about doing this really does make a difference.

There are several things to consider when deciding what airline to fly with, when to fly and when to buy your ticket. Generally, it is best to buy your ticket several months in advance all the way out to six months ahead of time. This is because most of the time plane tickets will become gradually more expensive the closer to the date of the trip.

Letter: Family separation not cut-and-dry


I am writing to correct two key oversights in the Editorial Board's most recent column, "Our government must stop separating families."

First, the column falsely states as a central point of its argument that "it's not a law and it never has been" for immigration officials to separate adults and minors at the border.

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