Regarding Trump's executive order to deport undocumented or, as most xenophobes put it, "illegal aliens" is not to fix reform or even enforce the laws that already exist. It's a racist action pure and simple, perpetrated by a fascist neo-Nazi bigot with plenty of supporters who have hated, feared anyone of color or non-white for centuries.

Probably due to their own lack of culture. And (they) are still angry that they lost the Civil War! I honestly think you are not even from this planet! Aliens! Viva la revolution!


For those of us who campaigned against UNM’s special treatment of speaker Milo Yiannopoulos, including the waiving of a security fee regularly charged to student groups, it’s been satisfying to see his recent fall from grace due to comments he made last year that appeared to advocate pedophilia.

However, it’s interesting to note that members of our community defending his visit in the name of the First Amendment have been notably silent on the pedophilia comments that led to the cancellation of his book contract and the dis-invitation from speaking at the Conservative Political Action Conference.

When it comes to online comment sections, I break the rules. Even my browser tells me: never read the comments. Roommates remind me not to feed the trolls. I just want to read, respond and reimagine the people on the other side of my screen.

Different comment sections have reputations: Facebook is mundane if somewhat surreal, Imgur sas the same five jokes in the first 10 comments, and YouTube has the comment section the devil would avoid if he had high speed internet (we all know the devil has dial-up, that has to be part of hell). YouTube comments are Bad with a capital B.

Some of these tropes are true, but not universally. And even when they are true, I feel compelled to scroll. In my experience, the quality of comments has more to do with what content the commenters are responding to than what platform they’re responding on. Undeniably, though, anonymity does something to people. They get braver; they get meaner.


Brad King wrote, "NM liberal lawmakers seem to be clamoring to climb on the pot legalization bandwagon, just like our ill fated neighbor to the north." 

Here in the reality-based community, "Colorado’s GDP increased by 3.6 percent in 2015, the fourth most of any state in the country.

Column: The history of "fake news"

In a world where the legitimacy of news is constantly called into question by politicians and readers alike, whose responsibility is it to determine what is "fake news" and what is not?

It is both the reporter's job to write factually accurate news, and the reader's responsibility to check the legitimacy of their choice in news outlets, whether this outlet is online or through a news network.

But all news has one measurement in common that is ultimately connected to its value and newsworthiness: the ability of news in any form to catch the eye of a reader, a viewer or a listener.

Column: The absurd consequences of a "right to privacy"

British MP David Davis's text messages poking fun at the appearance of a female colleague make him the latest whipping boy for those determined to root out sexism and misogyny in public life, the Daily Mail reports. Curiously, they also make him the latest poster boy for exponents of an expansive "right to privacy" like Brendan O'Neill of spiked magazine.

Column: What to wear in the face of fascism

There’s been a lot of talk about fighting fascism in my Facebook feed lately, but are you really prepared to resist an Orwellian police state? And when I say prepared, I mean do you have the right outfit?

Of course not! The 2000s were a fashion nightmare from which we are only just awaking, which is why I’m here to tell you what looks will be hot in the picket line this fall.

Letter: Lovers should be shared, not caged


Like many people, I am able to be openly and honestly in love with more than one person at the same time.

We teach children to share food, toys, and friends. How selfish and cruel the child who demands that his child friend have no other friends or playmates! We adults can learn to share our lovers with others.

We enjoy a variety of flowers, fruits, vegetables, colors, books, songs...Many of us also enjoy a variety of lovers!

Column: An eco-friendly, and cheaper, way to celebrate Valentine's Day

Once a year we are assaulted with pink and red heart-shaped boxes, giant stuffed bears and overpriced chocolates. But at what cost?

As stated in a report by the National Retail Federation, Americans are expected to spend over $18.2 billion on Valentine’s Day this year.

Of that money, at least $4.4 billion will be spent on jewelry.

Letter: UNM has a long history of activism


Racism, sexism and prejudice and the logical response to them -- activism -- have a long history at UNM. After the Vietnam era, the '90s saw renewed tensions, with many incidences of hate crimes on campus.

In 1995 a report was delivered to the vice president of Student Affairs by the Anti-Defamation League and the Dept. of Campus Affairs/Higher Education. The report compiled from 1992 to 1995 over 20 racist/hate crimes at UNM, mostly dealing with White Nationalist propaganda, graffiti and swastikas targeting Black, Jewish, Gay and Lesbian, feminist, and Hispanic students and campus organizations (UNM Board of Regents Minutes, CSWR). These incidences caused UNM President Peck to immediately denounce such activities at a press conference saying that UNM didn’t tolerate hate speech.

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