Most students will probably never meet a member of the board. Some undergraduate students, however, go out of their way to meet and influence them. They’re called senators, and they are a part of the Associated Students of the University of New Mexico.

According to a study conducted by PBS, only about 58 percent of eligible Americans took to the polls in 2016 to vote in the presidential election. For many Americans, it might come as a surprise that so few eligible people vote, but some may expect this.

With midterm elections approaching fast, now is the time to vote

Many Americans feel that their vote doesn’t matter — which could be a key issue to why voting statistics are so low. If you type into Google “does my vote matter?” a whole host of articles pop up with phrases like, “No really, your vote doesn’t matter.”


I enjoy living simply and I want to die simply, whether I die tomorrow or 30 years from now. I reject cremation! Cremation of one body requires the energy it takes to drive a car thousands of miles. I reject embalming! Embalming is an expensive, unnecessary use of poison chemicals. Cooling the body with no embalming can delay burial to two or three days after death.


In some academic departments, faculty members supervise some staff members. We will refer to these faculty members as FSS (faculty supervising staff). While FSS may go through the minimum required mandatory training such as sexual harassment and safety many do not take any organization development courses offered by Human Resources (link provided above) which teaches them useful skills to be a good supervisor.

Column: Racist Halloween costumes are never okay

The controversy over the offensive nature of certain Halloween costumes has been revisited once again this year.

NBC canceled Megyn Kelly’s show for comments she made about blackface as a Halloween costume. On her show “Megyn Kelly Today,” Kelly posed the question to her show’s all-white panel on the topic of ‘blackface,’ and asked, “What is racist about that?” The next day she apologized for the comments.

“What is racist? You do get in trouble if you are a white person who puts on blackface for Halloween, or a black person who puts on whiteface for Halloween. Back when I was a kid, that was okay as long as you were dressing up as a character,” Kelly said.

BioBlog — Honey and New Eye: The Ingredients to Combat Modern Bacteria

Since their discovery and widespread use, modern antibiotics have changed society and saved countless lives. However, microbial resistance to our panacea against infection is becoming a serious problem. Undergraduate Eldjon Baltazar discusses how scientists and medical professionals are using older remedies to solve modern problems and recounts how his experience battling antibiotic resistant bacteria influences his future career path in a recent UNM BioBlog.

Letter: Bashing Trump will not help Democrats


I seem to be in the minority in today's national Democratic Party.

I disagree with the tendency of most Democrats (including political candidates for Congress and those in the news media) to constantly bash Donald Trump over his obnoxious personality and his divisive comments.

Letter: Taproom doesn't mitigate dangers of alcohol


Many people who were taught that having sex with anyone they are not married to is sin — drink booze to turn off their shame and guilt. Many men who were taught that having sex with men is sin, many women who were taught that having sex with women is sin, drink booze to turn off their shame and guilt.

Letter: We stand against racism at UNM

Dear UNM Community,

We were disappointed to hear that harmful racial remarks were stated by students at the 2018 Greek New Member Summit. We felt moved to write a statement of support for the Black Student Alliance (BSA), African American Student Services (AASS), and all African American students, staff and faculty at UNM.

First and foremost, we commend the BSA for taking action. As academic advisors, we are well aware that many UNM students are stressed from not only meeting the demands of their academic workload but also having to hold jobs and navigate the administrative requirements of a flagship research university.

Letter: UNMPD's bike policy does it right


I wanted to commend the UNMPD for the timely response to an interrupted bike theft that I encountered this summer outside of the Johnson Center. I was leaving the gym when I saw a man fiddling around w/my bike which was locked at the bike rack. He had cut the cable and when I confronted him he walked away. I was lucky, because two staff bystanders came to my assistance right away and called UNMPD. The officer who responded was Officer Robert Duren — he responded promptly and was very courteous and professional. A foot chase ensued (by two other officers), but unfortunately the thief escaped.

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