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LETTER: Berthold's argument is one-sided, ingorant


Once again, Richard Berthold is really telling it like it ain't! I just love reading his incredibly one-sided argument about the Palestinians and all the oppressing the United States does around the globe.

Poor Palestinians, poor Arabs, poor Muslims - shame on those awful Americans and horrible Israelis.

We should just tell the Israelis to get out and set up camp somewhere else in the world. How about Greenland. I am sure Jesus really wanted that for the promise land, but just got stuck in the Middle East.

Both Israelis and Palestinians have a claim to the area. They both consider it Holy Land and have pretty much agreed that it cannot be shared and that the two groups cannot peacefully coexist. Sounds like a dilemma.

This notion that the Israelis are just occupying land for fun and giggles is absurd. Time and time again, the Israelis have tried to negotiate with Palestinians. They give an inch and the Palestinians just want more and more.

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I do not fault the Israelis for doing what they do. For the Israelis, enough is enough. A line must be drawn somewhere.

They decided a long time ago, that if the Palestinians don't play by the rules, then neither should they. Mr. Berthold talks about all the terrorist attacks and assassinations carried out by Israelis, but fails to mention the same action done by Palestinians.

Neither group is innocent, but that is how they have chosen to fight. Mr. Berthold describes how one Palestinian family was kind enough to take him in and how all Palestinians are not terrorists, but never talks about all the kind and gentle Israeli families who are not killers and would have taken him in as well.

Mr. Berthold paints a picture of the oppressing Israelis bulldozing houses to make room for condominiums, but fails to paint the picture of car bombings, suicide bombings and indiscriminate gun fire that originate in this neighborhood. Has it escaped your thoughts that there might be a reason for leveling this areas instead of just for new shopping malls.

We can tell that you really love this country, Mr. Berthold. You hang out with terrorists who cheer when the United States is attacked in the most cowardly way possible. You associate with people who support the genocide of a race of people and kill without a care.

You praise people who tell their followers to destroy houses, churches and groceries. You call your elected leaders nothing more than human waste with your claim of only worrying about elections.

Yes, your love of this country is truly showing tall and proud.

You are the worst kind of American, Mr. Berthold.

One who sleeps under the blanket of freedom and then complains about how it is provided. You volunteered your service to your country today, Sir. I am sure she would ask you to take the knife out when you are done.

Steven Determan

UNM student


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