The parking strain for students, faculty and staff may decrease with Monday’s opening of the Yale parking structure.
Robert Nelson, associate director for UNM Parking and Transportation Services, said the garage adds 780 parking spaces to campus, which go for about $425 a year for students and can range up to $698 for faculty and staff depending on their salaries. He said student parking permits will cost $390 this year since the opening comes two months into the semester.
“I think the new structure will take up some of the demand for parking, but we need to keep looking for additional opportunities to find more parking,” he said.

Student Jose Trujillo parked in the structure Monday and said he might purchase a permit.
“I come in late to campus sometimes, so I will be able to just go there,” he said. “It’s so big that you don’t have to worry about not getting a spot.”

Current parking areas reserved for faculty might be opened to students at a later date, according to the PATS website.
Student Adrian Avila said the University wasted money making the structure look nice rather than functional.
“I think that for the location the $425 is kind of worth it, but the only complaint I have is that they wasted too much money making it look pretty,” Avila said. “I like the fact that it’s green with the solar panels, but aside from that I’m not very impressed with it.”

The Yale structure is the third project on campus the Physical Plant Department developed with a sustainable energy source. Structure permits can be purchased by visiting the PATS website. The structure offers $1-an-hour parking for October, but rates will increase to the standard $1.75 rate at the end of the month, the website said.
Student Dana Sutherland said the building will serve its purpose.

“I think the $425 is outrageous, but UNM needs parking,” she said. “It’s there; it’s ugly, but it’s useful.”