For the last three years, UNM fans have known — scratch that — been informally introduced to Scott Galetti on the radio.

Galetti, UNM’s play-by-play announcer for men’s basketball, football and baseball, recently signed a multi-year deal to remain the voice of the Lobos. Now entering his fourth season with the Lobo Radio Network, Galetti said he hoped he’d be at UNM for the long haul when he was hired.

“I have absolutely fallen in love with Albuquerque,” he said.

“This has been a great place to work, and the University has been very good to me.”

That’s not to say it wasn’t a bumpy transition for the California native.

Galetti replaced long-time play-by-play announcer Mike Roberts in 2008, a decision pro-Roberts followers didn’t endorse. Continuity is something that’s also lacked in the booth: Galetti has had to try and build rapport with three color analysts in his time at UNM.

Despite the setbacks, Galetti said fans appreciate his passion for the job.

“Things started to get a little smooth as far as the second year I was here, and it was near the end of the football season,” he said. “Since that time, people have made me feel right at home. I feel now like I’m more local here, as (opposed) to being the most hated man in the city.”

While Galetti said that working with three football commentators hasn’t affected him, it’s been a welcome change calling Lobo basketball games with former UNM player Scott Didrickson.

“I’m going to be politically correct, and it’s for different reasons, actually,” he said. “I like working with Didrickson because he’s a professional and knows the game as a coach.”

When he’s not at University Stadium or The Pit, Galetti does Lobo Daily Updates, a daily wrap of UNM Athletics. He also hosts the Mike Locksley and Steve Alford coaching shows and the Athletic Director Show.

Joe Weiss, Lobo Radio Network president, said Galetti is an irreplaceable member of the Lobo family. “He brings a wealth of knowledge from his previous experiences,” Weiss said. And Weiss isn’t the only member who of the UNM family that admires the job Galetti has done.

Athletics Director Paul Krebs said Galetti is qualified to cover any sport.

“Scott Galetti has brought a very diverse and well-rounded play-by-play background to New Mexico,” Krebs said. “He does a great job of conveying not just the action on the field, but the feel of the game to our listeners.”

Because he doesn’t have a summer job, Galetti has been killing time until Lobo football starts, but he’s anxious to put the headset back on and step in the booth.

“It’s kind of funny,” he said. “People think it’s a luxury to have two months off every year. It’s not. I’m ready to get back to work three weeks into my break.”