Christina Rosado-Maher, an immigration attorney in Albuquerque, said that because she grew up near the Mexican-American border in San Diego, Calif., she understands that people immigrate to the United States to improve their lives.

Since finishing her Juris Doctor, Rosado-Maher has worked with immigrants at organizations including the Catholic Charity Immigration Department, UNM and Kitson & Rosado Immigration Law Firm. She said that because immigration law is one of the most complex areas of law in the United States, she enjoys working with families and individuals and helping them get legal status.

Rosado-Maher has worked at UNM as an adviser for international students for five years. She said she has learned a lot about students who come from different backgrounds during her time at the University.

Rosado-Maher said many foreign students are middle or lower class and struggle with the same kinds of financial problems as American students. She said there is a lot of uncertainty about President Obama’s Deferred Action immigration policy because it only provides some undocumented immigrants with a two-year work permit.

Junfu Han is working on a series of stories on immigrants and dreamers.