“Metalocalypse” creator Brendon Small has created something incredible with Doomstar Reqiuem: A Klok Opera — a death metal album attributed to the fictional death metal band Dethklok.

Doomstar Requiem is what happens when The Who’s Tommy is mixed with death metal, symphonic arrangements and a storyline about brotherhood, betrayal and survival.

Tracks like “Some Time Ago” and “The Duel” finally answer the question of how Toki Wartooth joined Dethklok as their rhythm guitarist after the expulsion of the megalomaniacal Magnus Hammersmith. “The Duel” features a metal guitar dual between guitarists Skwisgaar Skwigelf and Toki Wartooth, backed by session drummer “Pickles the drummer.”

This album is sure to be enjoyed by fans of Dethklok or anyone who appreciates symphonic metal.

Comedy is prevalent in “Partying around the World.” This track strays from death metal to 8-bit jangle music, but it displays the members’ usual selfish antics at their best (or worst).

The album also explores the band’s past as an unsigned group in “The Depths of Humanity” and “Given Back to You,” as Dethklok crosses paths with acquaintances whom they abandoned after becoming famous.

Other standout tracks on Doomstar Requiem include “Morte Lumina” and “Blazing Star.” Each includes impressive technical guitar work from series creator Small. Small played a major role in writing, composing and producing Doomstar Requiem, and he is joined by drummer Gene Hoglan, vocalist Mike Keneally and bassist Bryan Beller on “Blazing Star”.

Composing the 50-piece orchestra for the album is Bear McCreary. This death metal opera is the perfect follow-up to the Season 4 finale of “Metalocalypse.”

Of all the Dethklok albums, “Doomstar Requiem” is the first to ties in with the storyline on “Metalocalypse.” In this case, the album explores the abduction of the band’s guitarist and producer, and what the bandmates plan to do about the two kidnapping victims.