Mark Holm was an extraordinary visual storyteller, who, with a quiet disposition, steady hand and ready heart, captured amazing photographs that have since been published in The New York Times, The Albuquerque Journal and The Guadalupe County Communicator.

Holm came on board with the Daily Lobo as a photo coach in 2011, and remained a mentor here until his departure in the fall of 2015.

To say that Holm impacted us as student photojournalists is an understatement. He taught us how to wait out a scene, be invisible when needed and to respect all aspects of a photograph.

While always supportive, Holm was never afraid to really critique our work. We still remember fondly an hour-long lecture he gave us because we ran a design with a photo cut diagonally. Needless to say that never happened again. We chuckle every time at this memory.

Holm is in our hearts always and his legacy lives on through all those he has mentored, and in his photographs that are too beautiful and too honest to turn away from.

Holm taught us to believe that a photograph can change everything, and for that we will always carry a sense of duty to the stories we create with our cameras.

Diana Cervantes is the photo editor at the Daily Lobo. She can be contacted at or on Twitter @Dee_Sea_.