Aggravated battery behind the Daily Lobo

On Nov. 16, an officer met with a male at the Collaborative Teaching and Learning Center who was bleeding from his face and left hand, according to a UNMPD report. The lacerations had dried, making it hard for the officer to determine how long or deep they were.

The man told the officer that two males beat him up. The man said he was sleeping behind the Daily Lobo building in some Yucca plants when he was awoken by the men telling him to wake up. The man that was beat up was able to identify the men by some tattoos as well as the names they called each other.

The man was transported to UNMH for his injuries and the officer also took photos of the injuries. The officer returned to the Daily Lobo building and found blood on the ground, but no broken glass. There were also no witnesses present. The photographs taken by the officer were transferred to a CD and tagged as evidence.

Battery on a healthcare worker at UNMH

On Nov. 15, two officers were dispatched to UNMH in response to battery on a healthcare worker, according to a police report. Upon arrival, the officers made contact with a woman who was in the MEC unit of UNMH and who had transferred a patient to the emergency room.

The woman told the officer that when she was transferring the patient from the gurney to another location, the patient struck her in the face. The worker had control of the patient’s arm, but the buckle on the gurney came up and struck the worker in the face. She was left with a bloody nose and a small scratch on her right nostril.

The worker said the patient was brought to the hospital because the patient had taken a variety of narcotics and was not behaving normally.

When the officer spoke with the patient, she began speaking rapidly, asking if he knew several people. She was unable to tell the officer what happened and was not making sense. She also asked him if he had any weed. The officer reported that during their conversation, the patient would pause and her whole body would spasm.

There was one witness who completed a written statement. The officer reported that the case will be forwarded to the District Attorney’s Office for possible prosecution.

Auto burglary at Kappa Kappa Gamma

On the morning of Nov. 15, an officer met with a woman at Kappa Kappa Gamma, who said her vehicle had been burglarized, according to a police report. She told the officer that she parked her car the previous night and secured it.

However, the next day, her friend advised her that the right side passenger window was busted out. The burglar stole two bags of candy from the front seat, but nothing else.

The resident staff supervisor was able to show the officer video evidence of the incident occurring at approximately 4:20 a.m. The video shows two male subjects drive up in a small dark vehicle. The pair parked and immediately started to check for an unsecured vehicles. They approach the victim’s vehicle, bust out the passenger side window and grab items from the front seat.

A canvass search was conducted in the area, and only one vehicle was damaged at this location. The officer advised the reporting party that routine security checks would be enforced throughout the week and if any suspicious activity was observed, they should call UNMPD.

Domestic violence at UNMH

On Nov. 14, a man and woman were arguing in a patient’s room inside UNMH, according to a report. Upon arrival, the officer made contact with the woman who was an in-patient at the hospital. The officer stated she had obviously been drinking alcohol — she confirmed this was true.

She told the officer the argument happened in her room. She said the male was laying in the bed with her and she pushed him off. The man then slapped her leg. There was no further violence.

The officer also noticed half a gallon of vodka next to the man. Security told the officer they took the bottle from the man. The man said he brought the alcohol so he and the woman could drink it at the hospital.

He gave the same account as the female and, since the woman did not want to further pursue the incident, UNMH gave the man a lawful order not to return.

Misdemeanor warrant near Agora Crisis Center

On the night of Nov. 17, an officer was conducting building checks on Sigma Chi Rd., according to a UNMPD report. He was parked outside the Agora Crisis Center building when he saw a man wearing a black hoodie and jeans, riding a bike with no lights. The subject was also carrying two bike tires.

The officer felt that because of the time of night and the high number of bike thefts that have occurred, he should stop the man.

When the officer stopped the subject, he asked where the man was coming from. The subject said he was coming from Eubank Blvd. and Menaul Blvd. and was headed toward Gibson Blvd. and Edith Blvd. to see a friend. The subject said he was not a student, and that he was just “cutting through.”

The officer observed that the man was headed the opposite way of where he said he was going. When the officer asked him about the bike tires, the man stated he bought them from a friend, which did not seem reasonable to the officer.

When the officer ran the subject’s information through the National Crime Information Center, he found that he has a misdemeanor warrant for shoplifting. The subject then confessed to stealing the tires from a bike on campus. He directed the officer toward the bike he had stolen the tires from.

Compiled by Kelly Urvanejo