Criminal trespass on campus

On the morning of Nov. 20, officers were dispatched to the west side of Ortega Hall in reference to a male found sleeping, according to a report.

Earlier in the week, officers were dispatched to UNM, because the man was causing a disturbance and refusing to leave the property. He was escorted off the property and told not to return or he would be arrested.

The next day, officers witnessed the man walking on campus, toward the dorms. They directed him off campus, telling him he was not allowed on campus. Later that same day, an officer saw the man again, this time near Sigma Chi Rd. and Yale Blvd. When the officer approached him, the man said he knew he was not allowed on campus.

The officer gave the man a ride to a homeless shelter near First St. and Iron Ave. The officer told the man that if he went on campus again, he would be arrested for criminal trespass.

When the man was found on campus the morning of Nov. 20, he was arrested. The officer also found that the man had an outstanding misdemeanor warrant for arson. The man was transported to the Metropolitan Detention Center and was booked for criminal trespass. The officer requested that the man be barred from UNM.


On Wednesday, Nov. 22, an officer spoke with a UNM professor at Dane Smith Hall, according to a police report. The professor said she received an upsetting email from one of her current students.

The professor said the student used inappropriate language in the email. She notified her supervisor, who told her to respond to the student, telling him that the email was inappropriate. The professor said that after she sent a response to the student, stating that the email was inappropriate, she received six more derogatory emails from him.

After receiving the emails, the professor contacted the Dean of Students, who said the emails were not actual threats. The officer contacted the Dean of Students, who stated that the office was aware of the situation and felt no further action was needed, other than dismissing the student from class for the day.

The officer did not make contact with the student. The professor requested police presence for the class, but the student did not arrive.

Battery Health Care Personnel

On Nov. 22, an officer was dispatched to UNMH, where he spoke with a security guard, according to a report. Security informed the officer that a male patient who was being pushed in a wheelchair punched the technician in his chest.

The officer received a written statement from the victim onsite.

The security guard also informed the officer that he attempted to locate the victim but was unsuccessful.

The victim stated that while moving the patient from one location to another, the subject swung behind him and lightly hit the technician in the chest area. The victim stated that he let go of the wheelchair until the patient stopped his action.

The statement did not say if the victim was seeking medical attention, but it did state he did not want to press charges on the patient.

Compiled by Kelly Urvanejo