Attempt to commit a felony, aggravated assault

On Oct. 25, two female UNM students were walking to their vehicle when they noticed someone was following them, according to a UNMPD report.

The first student was approaching the passenger side door of the vehicle when the man following them approached her. He held an object in his hand and smelled of alcohol, saying he needed $20. When the first student told him she did not have the money, he moved closer to her, and again said he needed the money.

When he moved closer, she was able to identify the object in his hand as a pencil. He raised the pencil and demanded the money once more. She refused again, at which point the man punched her on the right temple of her forehead.

The second student ran from the driver’s side of the vehicle, yelling at the man to leave.

The man pulled out another pencil, moving toward her. The student maced the man in the eyes to defend herself, which caused him to stumble away.

Battery on a health care worker at UNM Mental Health Hospital

On the morning of Oct. 27, two officers were dispatched to UNM Mental Health Hospital in reference to a battery on a health care worker, according to a police report. The worker said a patient had been threatening her all night by calling her names and threatening to knock her out.

She said one of her co-workers was taking another patient off the East Unit in a wheelchair. The worker said her patient began to move closer to the exit door, so she stood between the patient and the door while the other patient was taken out. At this point, her patient rushed at her and toward the exit door.

The patient pushed the worker out the doors and against the wall in the atrium. The worker said the patient also scratched her on her left hand and dug their fingernails into her skin. Other employees helped her by placing the patient on the floor, restraining the person.

The patient was chemically restrained, and therefore was not arrested at the time.

Harassment at University Stadium

On Oct. 20, an officer positioned on the field at University Stadium during the UNM-CSU football game was made aware of an incident involving a UNM student-athlete and her estranged father, according to a UNMPD report. The athlete was performing at the football game when her father, who is no longer involved in the student’s life, showed up to the game and started filming her from the stands.

While he was filming, he was also shouting her name, encouraging a friend of his to do the same. The student said her father was creating an environment that made her fear and worry for her safety. When her father began shouting her name, it caused her to stop performing momentarily due to the emotional incident.

The student’s father had previously been involved in a domestic violence incident with the student’s mother and her siblings, including herself. Along with domestic violence, her father also had charges of stalking and violation of a restraining order.

The student was moved to another area of the field, and her father was escorted out of the stadium.


On Oct. 23, an officer met with a student at UNMPD in regards to harassment, according to a police report. The student told the officer that someone wrote a provocative message involving his name at multiple locations on campus. The officer saw the graffiti on the sidewalk on the northeast corner of 219 Yale Blvd. NE, near Castetter Hall, as well as on the doors of one of the nearby buildings.

The message was also written on the Center of the Universe sculpture, Logan Hall, and Popejoy Hall. The victim said he believed his ex-boyfriend was responsible for the graffiti. After the pair broke up, he said his ex-boyfriend, also a UNM student, began harassing and stalking him. He also said he has filed multiple police reports with other police departments, as well as one with UNMPD in regards to the incidents.

Last semester, the student also spoke with UNM Office of Equal Opportunity about his ex-boyfriend, but all they offered was mediation. He said he is afraid of his ex-boyfriend and wants protection, not mediation.

The officer gave the victim a domestic violence packet and encouraged him to visit OEO again.

Residential burglary at Lobo Village

On Oct. 28, an officer was dispatched to Lobo Village in reference to a burglary, according to a report. Upon arrival, the officer met with the student who said he and his roommates had gone out for the night, returning home after midnight. When he woke up in the morning, he said he discovered that his bedroom door had been damaged, along with his bathroom threshold. He also found that various watches, video games, a Michael Kors purse and a MacBook were missing.

The student said he had been with his roommates all night and did not suspect any of them. He did not know who would have done this.

He also said that the locks on the apartment door could be easily compromised, and he has stated his concerns to management, but nothing has been done to better secure the apartments.

Compiled by Kelly Urvanejo