The smell of aged leather and wood drifts through the air of Aaron Boyd’s Tres Cuervos studio in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

With the hands of a skilled craftsman, Boyd cuts pieces of leather with swift precision to begin working on one of his signature pieces — men’s wallets. After discovering his knack for design and leatherwork, Boyd decided to make Tres Cuervos his career, abandoning his life as a government contractor.

Boyd traveled around the country in a converted Airstream to showcase his leatherwork to different vendors. Currently, Boyd is based in Santa Fe and sells his merchandise in select stores in Albuquerque. Boyd never saw himself working as a leather craftsman, but he said he believes “you have to stay open in life to opportunities. When things change, you can always make something great out of it.”

Diana Cervantes is a staff photographer at the Daily Lobo. She can be contacted at or on Twitter @dee_sea_.