Staying focused while studying can be an intense and you may find it hard to focus on that essential matieral. With that in mind, here is a list of ten songs to add to your next study playlist. When you're grinding away for your next exam, hopefully these tracks can take the edge off.

“Baby” — Reverse

The Boston trio that includes Ian Kennedy (guitarist/vocalist), Jackson Cannon (drummer) and Mike Piehl (bassist) are the masterminds behind the unique sound that is Reverse. Released in late February, “Baby” proves to be an infectious love song that describes the simple aspects of being in love.

“Napkins” — Riz La Vie

New York-based singer/songwriter Riz La Vie continues to use his distinctive vocals to guide his songs. Classified as a hip-hop/rap artist, La Vie’s evolving cadence continues to bend the genre with each song he releases. “Napkins” tells a story about the ephemeral happiness of going out to temporarily fill a void, returning to the previous unhappiness the next morning.

“Beyond Amends” — Gus Dapperton

Part of Dapperton’s 2018 EP, “You Think You’re a Comic!”, the fourth and final song, “Beyond Amends,” gets a slow start with a 30 second melodic introduction that leads into emotional vocals professing his love for someone he no longer wants to be with.

“Girl (feat. Clairo)” — Brennan Henderson

Vancouver producer, Brennan Henderson, previously James Deen, mixes jack-of-all trades Clairo’s vocals on the 2017 gem “Girl”. The song was originally released in March of 2017, off of his album “Never Been Cool,” but proves to hold its worth even almost a year later. The electronic beat holds up Clario’s vocals declaring “I’m just fine on my own.”

“Each Other (feat. Billy Lemos)” — VICTOR!

Seventeen-year-old Chicago artist VICTOR! collaborates with Malibu producer and artist Billy Lemos on his latest track, “Each Other.” The duo create an easygoing tune about the loss of love and the struggle to salvage what once was. The last half of the song is left with little lyrics, but the same melody persists.

“Violence”— dijon

Another 2017 track, lo-fi R&B artist dijon sings nostalgic lyrics over a mellow harmony as a testament to how much he still loves Violet. The song’s gentle guitar chords leave space for some breathing room. This track — while not overwhelming — brings an even balance of drums, guitar chords and vocals into one cohesive piece.

“Moon River” — Frank Ocean

Frank does a simple rendition of Audrey Hepburn’s “Moon River” that does not disappoint. Produced by Mike Dean, the track showcases Frank’s vocal pitch and Dean’s mastering skills. The cover art may look like two silhouettes, but a fan pointed out that it is much more than that. It appears to be a close up image of an AMSR illustration where the heart sits in the chest, appearing to coincide with the track’s Valentine’s Day release.

“Cherry Blossom”— Jon Vinyl

Hailing from Toronto, Jon Vinyl relates the seasonal cherry blossom to people that have come into his life. Although Vinyl’s career is just starting to take off, his smooth R&B sound prevails, not only in “Cherry Blossom,” but throughout his other songs as well.

“Want Me”— Puma Blue

“Want Me” proves to be the uncanny, lo-fi R&B single we didn’t know we needed. The song is simple yet structured, sticking to the eerie yet comforting sound Puma Blue continues to withhold. Bon Iver’s influence on Puma Blue clearly shows on this track.

“Close But Not Quite (ft. Sampha)” — Everything is Recorded

The second track off of “Everything is Recorded by Richard Russell” showcases Sampha’s distinguishing vocal range and talent. Produced by Richard Russell, he brings in influential musician Curtis Mayfield on the chorus. The trio teams-up, creating a dreamy, electronic and smooth collaborative piece.

Shayla Cunico is a culture reporter with the Daily Lobo. She can be contacted at or on Twitter @ShaylaCunico.