Trump rode the slimmest of victories to the presidency only 17 months ago.

He got there through the support of conservatives from the right wing upset about the former president’s policies. In the short time since, the president has managed to increase the federal deficit tremendously.

He has come out for corporate welfare for coal companies. He has come out against legalizing marijuana. He has come out for civil asset forfeiture in direct violation of the constitution.

Of the many people fired, resigning or asked to resign from his cabinet, most have been accused of grifting, most of them not even making a pretext or an excuse.

In foreign policy he has enacted tariffs that would have booted anyone else from the conservative camp. He has damaged the free world market set up after the fall of the Soviet Union, possibly beyond repair, as the domino effect of protectionism and tariff/counter-tariff is splitting the world into “Us” and “Them.” He is also tucking his tail and running from Syria leaving dictator Assad in power and Russia firmly in control of the Middle East.

His family has been enriched by his position, as have many of his personal friends — and himself. Again, there has been little pretext and little excuse. They seem hell-bent on milking the country for everything it has before inevitably being forced from office.

The Trump regime is everything the conservatives of the past 50 years dreamed liberals were. The ideals of Reagan, Goldwater and Taft, all to be sacrificed on the pier of his cult of personality, should the two differ.

Adam Smith