The 2018 Scribendi release party showcased submissions from Honor College students from across the country.

Scribendi is an annual, nonprofit magazine produced by honor students at the University of New Mexico, who incorporate submissions of other honors students. The free publication is staffed by UNM students who collaborate together to create, design and curate the edition for that year.

The magazine is funded by the Western Regional Honors Council (NCHC) and donations received throughout the year. Scribendi consists of a variety of different art mediums, from photography and literature to visual art and open media, with some pieces even being in other languages.

Inspired by his grandfather to get into magazine publication, 2018 Scribendi Editor-in-Chief Josh Rysanek applied to UNM with aspirations to work on the magazine, he said.

“My grandpa is mostly deaf, the way that we communicate and (how) we built a relationship together was through magazines,” Rysanek said. “He would bring me these magazines every time I saw him and he would bookmark stories for me and that was the way we communicated.”

Rysanek explained that the curation of the magazine is a very collaborative and democratic process.

The production of Scribendi is done through a class in the UNM Honors College. The student’s final project for the spring semester is to create individual mini-magazines. During winter break the design committee comes together to choose design elements from each mini-magazine and comb through submissions that they want to incorporate into the Scribendi issue for that year.

After the students do a blind-selection of the submitted material, the editing process begins.

“A theme arises from the diverse work that we’ve seen,” Rysanek said. “After we’ve looked at all these works (we discuss what would be) the best way to present them, what would go hand in hand and compliment the pieces rather than a design that distracts from pieces.”

2019 Editor-in-Chief Alyssa Aragon said that all issues are based off of staff preferences and each issue differs from each other.

“You get to learn more about people and you get to learn more about yourself through your design,” Aragon said. “My favorite part is just collaborating with everyone, just seeing so many different minds of different majors and different lifestyles just come together and make a beautiful, professional looking magazine.”

The magazine has seen growth in submissions over the last year, reaching about 500 submissions for the 2018 issue, Aragon said.

As Aragon prepares to take over the editor-in-chief position at the magazine, she said wants to continue to showcase the work that honor students are capable of producing.

“Literary work is overseen in a lot of ways,” Aragon said. “I want people to become more aware especially since it’s a national magazine (produced) on UNM campus.”

UNM honors students can apply to staff upcoming issues of Scribendi. Undergraduate students that are currently enrolled at an accredited honors college, and are in good standing are welcome to submit content by October 12, 2018 for the 2019 issue.

Additional copies of past issues can be ordered online for $10 to cover shipping costs. More information on how to apply or submit work can be found on their website at

Shayla Cunico is a culture reporter with the Daily Lobo. She can be contacted at or on Twitter @ShaylaCunico.