On the fourth to last stop on his “Are You Ok?” tour, Myles Mills, known by his stage name Skizzy Mars, made a full effort at the Sunshine Theater on May 8th. Although Skizzy Mars appeared at UNM’s 2017 Fiestas, he hasn’t actually been on a proper tour for two years. With the 2018 release of his latest EP “are you OK?,” Skizzy was ready to hit the road once again.

In spite of Albuquerque being Skizzy’s 21st show in the span of his two-month tour, it’s not hard to believe that this could’ve been his opening performance. His show was full of bouncy enjoyable tracks, a positive attitude and undying charisma. From stage left to stage right, it was hard to find a moment when he wasn’t moving, dancing or jumping.

Skizzy seemed blind to the fact that the Sunshine Theater was only half full with fans. These fans weren’t casual fans — they were die hard Skizzy groupies infatuated with the artist who, for an hour and a half, was just beyond the reach of their outstretched hands.

Every so often, Skizzy would lean just off the stage ready to crowd surf. However, just as he would start to launch himself into his audience, he would back up and go to the other side of the stage and repeat. Twice Skizzy reached out to touch hands with his fans whom immediately melted with excitement over the stage barricade. I’d be willing to bet those fans still haven’t washed their hands.

Selections from Skizzy’s past projects such as “The Red Balloon Project” and “Alone Together” were played and enjoyed by all, but Skizzy milked every second of every song off “are you OK?.” “Girl On A Train”, “2006”, “Alcoholics”, “American Dream” and “Help Me” were among some of the best performed and more beloved tracks played throughout the night.

Half way through Skizzy’s set, he took a brief intermission to open up about why he hadn’t toured for the last two years. Skizzy stated that he had to take some time away from making music and touring to focus on his personal and mental health. This move to open up about personal problems and then play music is typical of more mature artists.

Even though Albuquerque didn’t show up and show out for Skizzy, his fan base along the West and East Coasts is very strong and ever growing. His lone set piece was a neon light with the words “Are You Ok?”

This took me back to when G-Eazy was in Albuquerque for his fourth or fifth time and all he had was a lone neon light with his name. Now, just three short years later, G-Eazy is filling Isleta Amphitheater for the second time. I see Skizzy Mars following this same path toward success.

If you missed Skizzy Mars at last years Fiestas, and somehow missed him on this latest tour, don’t sleep on him when he comes back around again. It’s only a matter of time until Skizzy will be filling larger venues and blowing up the radio. In the long run, Skizzy Mars’ “Are You Ok?” tour will be a huge stepping off point for the still young and ever growing artist.

On a side note, Skizzy is an amazingly grateful artist who can occasionally be seen wearing a UNM Lobo hoodie on his Instagram story. He was presented with the hoodie when he performed at UNMs fiestas.

Colton Newman is the photo editor and a music writer for the Daily Lobo. He can be contacted at photoeditor@dailylobo.com and music@daiylobo.com or on Twitter @Coltonperson.