Excitement for “Incredibles 2” was largely created by the huge, 14-year time gap between the original film and its sequel.

The film was released on June 15, and was written and directed by Brad Bird, who also directed the original film.

“Incredibles 2” was amazing, but did not meet the standard set by the original “Incredibles” film. That being said, the film still lived up to all the excitement surrounding its release.

Even with such a large gap between the two film's releases, “Incredibles 2” did an excellent job at continuing the story the first film started.

All of the characters had their same personalities — they were illustrated the same way, they were voiced by the same actors and the transiting into a new film was smooth.

For how seamlessly the two movies flow together, I would honestly not be surprised to find out the film was actually made a year or two after the first one.

Like the first film, the second is also exciting, heart-warming and many of the characters and extremely lovable.

The movie built upon some of the audience's favorite characters and their stories — specifically those of Elastigirl, Violet and the wild baby Jack-Jack.

Unlike the original film, I would argue that the main character of "Incredibles 2" was Elastigirl (also known as Helen Parr). Mr. Incredible took the back seat when it came to superhero-ing and found himself having to tackle parenting, rather than villains. This film centers around the theme of girl power, containing many underlying feminist themes.

Elastigirl’s figure in the new film has even been praised for not being terribly skinny and unrealistic.

Along with Elastigirl, fan-favorites Frozone and Edna even found their way into the movie, along with a brand new, high-tech villain and setting.

The film was produced by John Lasseter, Nicole Paradis Grindle and John Walker in correlation with Disney’s Pixar Animation Studios.

The film's plot and commentary are almost uncanny in the way that it relates to modern issues.The film attempts to teach its audience that not all laws are good laws. If laws do more harm than they do good, it is sometimes necessary to break them in order to make them right again.

Today, many laws in America are constantly under evaluation and criticism by the public and the American government.

"Incredibles 2" taught me a lesson all the while being a happy and heartwarming film that the whole family can enjoy together.

Those interested in seeing “Incredibles 2” should definitely refresh their memories by watching the first “Incredibles” movie. It isn’t necessary for enjoyment, but it will definitely add to the overall experience and increase how easily pieces are put together. A great portion of the film is a true continuation/explanation for the events of its original.

The film is 100 percent worth the price of admission.

Timber Mabes is a culture reporter with the Daily Lobo. She can be contacted at culture@dailylobo.com or on Twitter @timbermabes.