Most recording artists seemingly appear out of thin air and their rise to fame seems almost random, something they just happened upon. Gerald Earl Gillum otherwise known by his superstar persona G-Eazy, on the other hand has publicly fought his way to the top with the goal of fame and fortune always just out of grasp until his 2016 hit “Me, Myself and I.”

G-Eazy is a Bay Area native who wears his homage proudly and has continuously given back to his community through fundraisers and community events. Although a household name now, many day-one fans can look back to his days of rapping over 50s and 60s-esque beats and features in what was his first form of slick back hair and an his unemotional stone face.

On his first set of mixtapes G-Eazy established his keen ear for catchy production and his exquisite taste for female features. Johanna Fay, Devon Baldwin, Dominique LeJuene amongst others were the first of his leading ladies that elevated his style and musical capabilities. With a handful of mini tours and mixtapes with enough quality music his fan base grew from a few swooning girls to a solid collection of die-hard fans who saw what Gerald could become.

In 2014, his first major album,“These Things Happen” was in high demand as it hit number 3 on the Billboard 200 on its debut week. “These Things Happen” was full of commercially designed tracks, trap bangers and some notable features such as E-40 and A$AP Ferg. Although the menacing track “I Mean It (Ft. Remo)” made it to the radio and got a decent amount of airtime it was clear that “These Things Happen” was not the album to launch G-Eazy to stardom. What it did do was raise name recognition giving him the ability to land A-list features on his next endeavor “When It’s Dark Out.”

Now signed to release his second album with RCA, fame was just inches away from Gerald’s grasp. Features for “When It’s Dark Out” included Big Sean, Chris Brown, Too $hort, Keyshia Cole and Bebe Rexha who was instrumental in the final push to make G-Eazy a world star. “Me, Myself and I” was the song G-Eazy had been waiting for since his start in music back in 2009.The summer of 2015 belonged to G-Eazyas radio stations couldn’t play “Me, Myself and I” enough, award shows stumbled over each other to book him and Bebe to perform and anyone who wasn’t already a fan were rapping along word for word to his entire discography.

Opposed to other recording artists who release an album, perform on a 20-stop tour and disappear until their next project it’s hard to find a time when G-Eazy doesn’t have a handful of shows lined up. This is the kind of grind of someone who has fame in the grasp of his hands and knows that a continuous and accessible presence is key to maintaining relevance.

In his latest album, “The Beautiful and Damned,” G-Eazy manages to score two home runs with “Him and I” and “No Limit.” “Him and I” features his now ex-girlfriend, Halsey, in what was a very public relationship. “No Limit” features Cardi B which was expertly orchestrated around the time of her own rise to fame.

No one would put G-Eazy at the top of any best rapper alive list or look to him for guidance, but what people do look to G-Eazy for is a good time. His entire career is built off of enjoyable music, easy songs to rap along to, fun to dance to and radio hits. From my personal experience of being to seven G-Eazy concerts, I can attest to his talent at putting on a good show.

With his latest release “The Beautiful and Damned” still having hits played on the radio, it’s now time for him to tour once more with the aid from Ty Dolla $ign, P-Lo and Lil Uzi Vert in what should be a summer time party, not soon to be forgotten.

The Endless Summer tour is making a stop at the Isleta Amphitheater on August 4, tickets are still available. If you can’t make it keep an eye out for my concert review and a photo gallery with pictures from the show.

Colton Newman is the photo editor for the Daily Lobo. He can be contacted by email at or on Twitter @Coltonperson.