Twitter is now flush with reviews of local bathrooms — and some of the University of New Mexico’s toilets are tanking.

Nicholas Sandoval, a 3rd year communication and interdisciplinary film and media Major at UNM, has gathered buzz from his bathroom reviews on campus and around the Albuquerque area.

Sandoval started the Twitter account @BathroomReview5 around the beginning of September, and has already gained 127 followers in that time.

“It was just something I’ve always done,” Sandoval said. “I always tell people when I come out of the bathroom, ‘That’s a good one in there.’”

Sandoval decided to make a Twitter account because he said he believes it has a bigger audience than other platforms.

“I did a poll, and people were like ‘Yeah’ and I just made it in like two seconds. A lot of people like it,”

Sandoval takes into account many different factors when making a toilet review. He said cleanliness, low traffic and a good supply of toilet paper are all important things to consider when reviewing a bathroom.

“I think we should really hold public restrooms to a higher standard,” Sandoval said. “(Going to the bathroom is) like something everybody does so we should have a nice place to go.”

Bathrooms on the UNM campus have received a mix of good and bad reviews.

Sandoval tweeted a positive review of the bathrooms in Scholes Hall: “Little to no traffic, always clean, always empty. Marble/ Granite surfaces. Cleaned everyday. Guess Top Brass likes to keep their bathrooms clean. 4.9/5.”

Sandoval also tweeted a lackluster review of the bathrooms in the Zimmerman Library: “UNM’s Zimmerman bathrooms get a 0/5 I would rather visit the local gas station.”

Sandoval stated that he often accepts bathroom review submissions to his Twitter account and possibly one day hopes to make an app that helps individuals find the best public restrooms.

Aaron Romero, a sophomore majoring in biochemistry, said he found the @BathroomReview5 twitter account to be pretty entertaining. However, he is not an avid user of public restrooms.

“When it comes to using the bathroom, there’s no place like home,” Romero said. “I usually only use public restrooms in emergencies.”

The Daily Lobo reached out to UNM Facilities Management for their thoughts about Sandoval starting a twitter account reviewing their facilities, but they have yet to respond to the matter.

Isaiah Garcia is a freelance reporter with the Daily Lobo. He can be contacted at or on Twitter @DailyLobo.