Battery and child abuse at UNMH lobby

On the morning of Aug. 27, an officer was sent to the University of New Mexico Hospital, due to a disturbance and individuals refusing to leave after UNMH security asked them to, according to a UNMPD report.

A hospital security guard told a police officer that family members fought in the lobby. The officer spoke with a woman who said she and her mother came to UNMH to visit her aunt, who was a patient there. The woman and her mother saw other family members yelling at each other on the second floor. Security and the other family members told the woman and her mother to leave the area.

The woman and her mother went to the lobby, and other family members approached them. A verbal argument began. Then a female suspect pushed and struck the woman and her mother, who was holding her grandchild. The suspect struck the child during the incident. The officer saw that the child’s left cheek was slightly red.

Battery/sexual contact and criminal trespass

On the evening of Sept. 17, an officer was dispatched to 201 Terrace St. NE, because a male groped a woman, according to a report. When the officer spoke with the victim, she said a male grabbed her breast. While the officer was speaking with the victim, two other officers found the male and identified him. The victim also identified him as the man who groped her.

The victim said the man approached her and gave her a flower while she was sitting at a table. Then, he grabbed her breast and told her she was beautiful and that he would marry her. She said, “Hey,” and stood up from the table. The male ran eastbound through the UNM campus. The victim followed him and gave police information about the male.

The man was already banned from UNM campus for previous code of conduct violations. Two UNMPD officers took the male into custody for criminal trespass. The male will be issued a summons in reference to the battery.

Disorderly conduct and criminal trespass

On the morning of Sept. 19, officers were sent to 700 Lomas Blvd. NE, because an individual was sleeping in the building’s stairwell, according to a police report. The building is private and secured from public access.

When an officer approached the male sleeping in the stairwell, the male became upset and yelled, stating he could sleep there if he wanted. The officer told the male the building is secure, and he is not allowed to be in secure areas. The officer told him to leave the area, but the man refused and said he would do whatever he wanted. The male yelled that he would like to fight with the officer one-on-one. He yelled profanities at the officers, while making fists and rolling up his shirt sleeves.

After he was asked at least six times to leave the area, the male continued to refuse. Officers had no other option than to arrest him. The male was arrested for criminal trespass and disorderly conduct and was transported to the prisoner transport center. He was booked without incident or injury.

Battery at Psychiatric Center

On the evening of Sept. 20, an officer was dispatched to the UNM Psychiatric Center because of a battery on a patient, according the a report. When the officer arrived, the man who reported the situation said staff members did not witness the incident.

He was told a patient’s space was invaded by another patient in the west wing of the center. The patient whose space was invaded became upset and pushed the other patient. This caused the other patient to fall back, hitting the ground.

Hospital staff members heard a thud and saw the patient was on his back, bleeding from the back of the head. He was transported to UNMH for treatment. At this time, no charges will be filed.

—Compiled by Elizabeth Sanchez