Burglary, criminal damage at Santa Ana Star Field Press Box

On Oct. 5, an officer was sent to 1313 University Blvd. SE, due to a burglary no longer in progress at the press box at the Santa Ana Star Field, according to a University of New Mexico Police Department report.

When the officer arrived, the student who contacted police said it appeared that the suspect(s) entered the press box through a window. The student said he left his laptop in the press box overnight, and it was taken.

It appeared the suspect(s) forced the window open, damaging it. Footprints on the top of a desk seem to indicate that only one suspect was involved in taking the laptop. The laptop could not be entered into the National Crime Information Center, because the student did not provide a serial number. The area was searched. However, no suspicious activity on Oct. 5 or the evening of Oct. 4 was observed.

Battery on healthcare personnel at UNMH

On the afternoon of Oct. 15, an officer was sent to the University of New Mexico Hospital, due to a battery of two employees, according to a report. Upon arrival, a security officer gave the UNMPD officer two statements handwritten by the victims.

One victim wrote that a patient left her room, screaming at staff. Then the patient grabbed the victim’s glasses and broke them. The patient also scratched the victim’s face.

The other victim wrote that she saw the patient yelling in the hall. She saw that the patient grabbed the other victim’s glasses, and the patient was restrained. This victim wrote that she and another technician were scratched while the patient was escorted to her room.

A third victim, who also provided a written statement, said the patient grabbed her hair while she was taken to her room.

For review and possible prosecution, the case will be sent to the District Attorney's Office.

Controlled substances, possession of marijuana at La Posada

On the afternoon of Oct. 10, a patrolling officer was sent to UNM La Posada Dining Hall, because a backpack contained marijuana, according to a police report.

When the officer arrived, a supervisor said an employee told her that he found a co-worker’s black backpack. The employee looked through the bag and found marijuana and THC lollipops inside. At least two co-workers may have handled the bag and left it unattended.

The officer contacted the bag’s owner, who said the products were his and showed the officer a prescription for medical marijuana.

“He did not understand why co-workers went through his bag without his consent,” the report states. He said some of the marijuana was also missing.

The marijuana was not packaged properly and because of this it was collected for destruction. The lollipops were not part of the employee’s prescription. About 28 grams of marijuana were in the bag.

The supervisor said the owner of the bag would be fired for the possession of marijuana and THC lollipops on the job.

— Briefs compiled by Elizabeth Sanchez