On Wednesday night, AJ Goff, the UNM Lobo hockey President, went in front of the ASUNM finance committee to determine the budget the team would receive for the 2018- 19 school year.

The approval issued in the meeting came late after a filing error was made when the Lobo hockey club submitted its application, originally postponed the approval. UNM Hockey was the first order of business on ASUNM’s agenda Wednesday night.

After the initial statement made by President Goff, the senate moved to questions that covered traveling for games, fundraising, outside income and team fees. Goff confirmed that the team fundraises through merchandise, receives team fees from each player and those fees help cover travel expenses.

Senator Isez Roybal moved to remove any funding for the travel expenses pertaining to the Oct. 5-7 matches against the University of Colorado in Colorado Springs due to the late approval.

The team appropriation request of $3,834 was reduced to $3,608 during senate discussion over the budget. After moving to a vote, the senate approved the appropriation for Lobo hockey unanimously.

The $3,608 allotted amount was taken with many thanks from UNM head coach Grant Harvey, who expressed his gratitude following the ASUNM approval.

“I’m happy the Student Senate sees the merit of our team and we are always grateful for their help in getting our team the funds we need to thrive,” Harvey said.

With regards to the cuts made by the committee, Harvey seemed confident that funds from merchandise sales will make up for them.

Lobo Hockey hits the road Friday to compete against the University of Colorado in Colorado Springs at 8 p.m. on Oct. 5 and 6.

Alanie Rael is a freelance sports reporter for the Daily Lobo. She primarily covers volleyball, hockey and track and field, but also contributes content for football. She can be contacted at sports@dailylobo.com or on Twitter @AllyRael.