Editor's Note: This article originally contained a misspelling of Madrone Matysiak's name. The name has been changed to its correct spelling. The Daily Lobo apologizes for the error.

On Oct. 19 at 7:30 p.m. in the Elizabeth Waters Center for Dance at Carlisle Gym, the In-Nov-Action Concert will begin showing off the choreography and performances done by selected students at the University of New Mexico.

“Alongside the faculty in the dance program, Professor Encinias and I select the works to be performed and mentor students on their choreographic creations,” said Vladimir Conde Reche, one of the Artistic Directors for In-Nov-Action as well as the Associated Chair in the Department of Theatre and Dance and associate professor at UNM.

Eva Encinias-Sandoval is involved as an artistic director, along with Reche. Encinias is a full time professor in the Department of Theatre and Dance, as well as the person in charge of the Flamenco Concentration in the dance program at UNM.

The event and others like it have been occurring every semester within the Department of Theatre and Dance over the course of many years at UNM.

“I have been in the department for more than 10 years and the concert was happening even before that, it could be as far as 30 years ago,” Reche said.

The students selected are guided by the people who are working with the department to make the show run smoothly and giving them assistance on creating exactly what they want to display.

“The concerts are mentored by faculty. (They are) choreographed, performed and lighted by students in the Department of Theatre and Dance,” Reche said. “For the performance, Professor William Liotta is the mentor for the lighting design students are using and creating for each choreography.”

Participation as a choreographer or performer in the event was open to the students of UNM, specifically for those with an interest in the fields of dance and theatre.

“Students taking classes in the Department of Theatre and Dance can adjudicate a work, priority will be given to dance majors,” Reche said. “Any UNM student can participate by performing in the concert as long as they are taking classes in the dance program, which is open to all UNM students.”

This semester the choreographers of the In-Nov-Action Concert are Pamela Castañeda, Meghan Davis, Samantha Martinez, Julianna Massa, Madrone Matysiak and Amy Schofield.

The production is an opportunity for participants to add to their portfolio of work, giving them more to showcase when pursuing, or continuing, a career in the field of dance and theatre.

“Productions like this give student more performing opportunities and experiences that help when they graduate and move towards a job opportunity,” Reche said. “The productions are filmed and photographed which allow students to produce a better portfolio.”

Aside from adding to their portfolios, In-Nov-Action gives the choreographers and performers experience in their fields and interests. This experience is given with the help of mentors making it a better practice experience for the choreographers and performers.

“Dance is ephemeral and the experience is enhanced by practice,” Reche said. “Students perform in productions throughout the semester. This production in particular is to showcase their talents as creators as well as performers.”

Reche said that the performances will be fresh and creative, showcasing the talent of different UNM students.

“(In-Nov-Action consists of) live, and recorded music, all original choreographic works, students that are imaginative, creative and eager to challenge preconceived ideas of what can and is made today,” Reche said.

Ticket prices are priced at $12 for general admission, $10 for UNM Faculty and Seniors and $8 UNM Staff and Students. They are available for purchase at the UNM ticket offices, by phone at (505) 925-5858 or online on the UNM ticket website.

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