Indecent exposure at Popejoy Hall

According to a report by the University of New Mexico Police Department on the afternoon of Nov. 14, a male student came to UNMPD to report an incident. He said he was in the men’s restroom on the basement level of Popejoy Hall about 20 minutes earlier. The student said he was in the last stall when the male in the middle stall began “tapping his foot and moving it in a noticeable way. The unknown male in the middle stall then lowered the lower half of his body to the floor exposing only the lower portion of his torso and legs — thus exposing his genital area,” the report states.

The student said he left the stall quickly, feeling shocked. As he left the bathroom, he saw the male look over the stall, showing the upper half of his face. The student described the suspect as a blonde male with a receding hairline, no visible tattoos and in his early 20s. The suspect wore rubber-soled brown leather dress shoes. The student said the suspect did not try to touch or talk to him.

Breaking and entering at Hokona Hall

On the morning of Nov. 16, an officer was called to the UNMPD station, because a male was caught breaking into a dorm room in Hokona Hall, according to a police report. The lead housekeeper, who went to the room to finish cleaning before new tenants moved in, saw the male inside the dorm room. The housekeeper called and met the assistant director immediately. The subject was walking down the hall when the assistant director confronted him. The assistant director verbally detained him and escorted him to the UNMPD station inside the same building.

The subject said he used to live in the dorm room he broke into. He said he removed the screen on an external window then forced the window open. Once inside, he urinated in a trash can and vomited on the floor. “The criminal damage to the apartment shall be turned over to the UNM custodial services,” the report states. Trash and a mattress were also found on the floor in the room — the male is homeless and has been spending nights in the room.

Two counts of battery on a healthcare worker at UNM Psychiatric Center

On the afternoon of Nov. 16, an officer was sent to the UNM Psychiatric Center, due to a battery, according to a UNMPD report. The officer arrived and met with two male victims. The victims said they are part of the center’s response team and were sent to help restrain a patient. When the patient became violent and personal, one of the victims tried to place the patient on the ground. The patient punched the left side of the victim’s head and spat. The saliva hit the victim’s shoulder and cheek. The victim then stopped trying to place the patient on the ground. His face later began to swell.

The other victim forced the patient to the ground, and the patient bit his shoulder, causing bruising and minor bleeding. Due to his behavior, the patient was sedated and placed in restraints. Therefore, the officer was not able to interview him. The victim who was bitten was examined and then released by medical personnel.

— Briefs compiled by Elizabeth Sanchez