Emergency mental health evaluation, warrant, aggravated assault on a peace officer

On Oct. 12 at 12:35 a.m., an officer was sent to the area near the Student Union Building at the University of New Mexico, because a male was “‘walking funny’ and yelling,” according to a police report. When the officer arrived, dispatch received a call stating the male was yelling he had a gun. Over the radio, the officer asked for assistance at Ortega Hall and notified other officers there was a possible firearm.

Another officer drove to Ortega Hall, but upon arrival, realized three officers were now on the east side of the SUB. The officer drove to the area and met with two of the officers. The subject was walking slowly south toward Central Avenue, frequently looking back at officers. He started walking east at one point, and an officer told him to keep walking south. Another officer parked their vehicle in a way to prevent the male from walking east. The male walked south and across Central Avenue.

One officer was told to watch the male to ensure he did not return to campus. At 1:41 a.m., the officer told others over the radio that the male was back on campus and near the engineering buildings. Two officers drove to the south side of Clark Hall and saw the male. The two officers walked toward the male, “who once again began waving the jacket-covered hand claiming he had a gun and he would use it,” the report states.

The male walked around the north side of Mitchell Hall. Two officers were told to drive onto campus. When one officer was directly south of the male, the officer drew their weapon. The male saw the officer, began waving his jacket-covered arm and said he would shoot the officer. The male also said, “‘Go ahead and shoot me’” and other phrases various times.

The officer tried to speak to the male, but he continued to make threats about a gun and a knife. His jacket unwound as he waved his jacket-covered hand around. He tried wrapping the jacket around his hand again. The officer did not see any weapon in his hand and drew out a taser. The male continued to wave his jacket-covered hand around.

The male and the officer were then in the center of Smith Plaza. Another officer drove up, shining his spotlight on the male, who faced the officer and shouted profanities. The other officer pointed the taser at the male and said, “‘Put it down,’” the report states. The male asked the officer if he would like him to shoot and aimed his jacket-covered arm at the officer, who fired the taser at him. The male fell to the ground, and another officer removed the jacket from his arm. There were no weapons.

The male tried to stand up again, and an officer told him to stay down and tased him again. One officer handcuffed the male and searched him for weapons, but he did not have any. Officers called for rescue and an ambulance.

Officers used the male’s driver’s license and Central New Mexico Community College ID to identify him. The male fell asleep, snored and refused to speak. After being more thoroughly searched for weapons, the male was taken to UNM Hospital for an emergency mental health evaluation and medical evaluation.

A recording of the audio of the officer speaking with the male and the taser cartridge and prongs were entered into evidence. It was determined the male had a felony arrest. When UNMH discharged the male, he was placed into custody and will be taken to the Metropolitan Detention Center.

Commercial burglary at PAÍS construction site

On Oct. 19, an officer was sent to the Physics & Astronomy and Interdisciplinary Science building construction site at 210 Yale Blvd. NE to speak with the site supervisor, according to a UNMPD report. The supervisor said just after he arrived at the construction site that morning, “he noticed that a large amount of copper piping was stacked up against (an) exterior exit gate, and that particular gate had been bent/forced open by unknown offender(s),” the report states.

UNMPD received an alert that there was motion at the PAÍS construction site at 2:29 a.m. that day When officers checked the perimeter, they did not notice anything obviously out of place.

The site supervisor took photos of the copper before asking construction site workers to move it to its original location. However, the offender(s) took roughly $1,500 worth of copper.

Officers will attempt to review construction site footage. Further leads are pending.

Simple assault at Lobo Village

On Oct. 25, an officer met with a female student and a witness, who provided written statements, at UNMPD, according to a report.

The student said on Oct. 17 at 7 p.m. her Lobo Village roommate asked to enter her room and speak with her. When the roommate entered the room, she began yelling about a problem that was resolved earlier. She continued to yell at her, told her to leave the room and said, “‘I’m going to swing at you!’ as she moved closer toward (her),” the report states. The officer asked the reporting student if, in that moment, she was concerned about her safety — she said she was.

When her roommate threatened her, the witness was asked to come to her room for her safety. When he arrived, he saw the reporting student crying and her roommate continuing to yell. He and the reporting student decided to leave the area for their safety and “to avoid self-jeopardizing the situation,” the report states.

The reporting student said she did not want a follow-up investigation. She said she was concerned that if law enforcement contacts her roommate, the situation might become worse. The officer told her UNMPD could assist her further if the problem progresses. The officer gave her a card for counseling services and told her she could contact the officer if she needed more help with Lobo Village.

— Briefs compiled by Elizabeth Sanchez