I write in response to Regent Tom Clifford’s comments made during last week’s Board of Regents meeting as reported by Andrew Gunn on Thursday, Nov 15.

Regent Clifford is reported as saying UNM graduates “get nothing of value that they can show.” It is disheartening to hear that a regent — a person who has been called on to lead the University — carries an opinion so far from the truth.

I am of the belief that UNM offers a terrific product. The University is critical to Albuquerque, New Mexico and, most importantly, the thousands of students we serve. My fellow Lobos and I can speak first hand to the world-class education we receive at UNM. We have passionate professors, a dynamic student body and a unique culture. From the first day on campus, every Lobo receives something they can be proud of.

No doubt, UNM faces challenges. Enrollment is top among them. But our enrollment dip is no reason to disparage the University the way Regent Clifford has. Instead, leaders ought to redouble efforts to solve problems by bringing the University together.

Part of that coming together includes celebrating our successes, like a growing graduation rate and our continued effort to serve to students from diverse backgrounds. UNM offers the best education in New Mexico because of our diversity, passion and spirit of innovation. I hope Regent Clifford’s remarks will give the University an opportunity to reflect on what makes UNM valuable to the community, state and all of us fortunate enough to call ourselves Lobos.

Becka Myers,

ASUNM President