Battery on healthcare personnel at UNMH

On Nov. 12, a suspect was transported to University of New Mexico Hospital after he was unresponsive during a bed check at the Metropolitan Detention Center, according to a report. When he was told nurses at UNMH would give him an IV, he became violent. As one nurse attempted to place a tourniquet on his arm in order to draw blood, the suspect kicked her in the left arm.

The nurse said her arm was sore, and she thought it may bruise. Two correction officers who transported the suspect to UNMH witnessed the incident. The correction officers confirmed the nurse’s statements were true. The case will be sent to the District Attorney’s Office.

Battery on a healthcare worker at UNMH

On the morning of Nov. 13, an officer was sent to UNMH to speak with a nurse who said she was treating a patient in an isolation unit, “due to erratic and unruly behavior,” according to a police report. The patient, who may have been under the influence of alcohol or narcotics, tried to disconnect medical equipment. Therefore, staff decided to place her in bed restraints.

As staff tried to restrain her, she grabbed the nurse by the wrist and hit her in the upper left arm. The patient was restrained and medicated before the UNMPD officer arrived. The nurse said she was not injured but would like to file a police report. A copy of the report will be sent to UNM detectives for both a follow up and preparation for potential prosecution.

Criminal trespass at 2000 Las Lomas Rd. NE

On the morning of Nov. 14, a white male in his 50s set up a homeless camp in the bathroom at 2000 Las Lomas Rd. NE, according to UNMPD report. The male, who was already banned from campus on Oct. 26, was found bathing in the restroom. He was involved in several incidents at UNM campus, which included harassing students, and at one point, groping a female student. Although he is not permitted on campus, he has continued to violate the ban. After being arrested for criminal trespass, he was transported to the Prisoner Transport Center and was booked without incident.

Battery on healthcare personnel at Psychiatric Center

On Nov. 17, officers were sent to the UNM Psychiatric Center, due to a battery on a healthcare worker, according to a report. When officers arrived, the victim, a nurse at the center, said a subject was placed into a physical hold after engaging in disruptive behavior. As the subject was escorted down the hall, she kicked the nurse in the left shin. The officer who wrote the report did not see any marks on the nurse’s shin when she showed officers the area. A copy of the report will be sent to the District Attorney’s Office for potential prosecution.

Battery upon a peace officer, possession of burglary tools, larceny at 2300 Tucker Ave. NE

On the afternoon of Nov. 19, officers were sent to the bike rack at 2300 Tucker Ave. NE, because a caller said she saw a male checking the locks on the rack, according to a police report. The caller said the male then started to use a power saw to cut the lock off one of the bikes, which took only a few seconds. The witness said the male took his two backpacks and rode off with the bike westward through M Lot.

Two officers approached the east side of the parking lot, while another officer approached from the west. The officer who approached the lot from the west found the male on the southwest side of the observatory. The officer exited his vehicle and gave the male verbal commands, but the male did not comply. The male was no longer on the bike and aggressively swung the front tire at the officer. The male tried to mount the bike to ride away, but the officer grabbed the male. The male jumped off the bike and pushed it toward the officer. The officer lost his balance — the male and the bike fell on the officer. Attempting to resist officers, the male was able to hold down the officer.

The other two officers arrived, and one of them grabbed the male and pushed him off the officer who was on the ground. The male attempted to stand, but the officers placed him on the ground again. Although officers told him to roll onto his stomach and place his hands behind his back, he did not comply and tried to escape from officers. The male was eventually handcuffed. The altercation left one of the officers with injuries on his right elbow and shoulder.

The bike’s owner was contacted, and he said the bike was taken without his permission. The bike was then returned to him.

When the male was taken into custody, officers found he had three outstanding misdemeanor warrants for his arrest and two outstanding felony warrants for his arrest. The male said he stole the bike and would like officers to let the owner know he is sorry. The male said he has had a problem with methamphetamines for the past two years and cannot control it.

The altercation also left the male with minor abrasions on his chest, cheek and right side of his forehead. He was taken to UNMH for treatment before he was transported to the Metropolitan Detention Center and arrested on the basis of the outstanding warrants. A copy of the report will be sent to UNMPD for follow up and submission to the District Attorney’s Office for potential prosecution.

— Briefs compiled by Elizabeth Sanchez