Since the beginning of 2019, there have been many movies that have piqued the interests of audiences everywhere. One of these movies, “Escape Room,” started out the year right.

The movie centers around the drama/mystery genres and brings an entertaining, yet terrifying take to the new real world trend of escape rooms.

Its main plot focuses on a group of six strangers — Zoey (Taylor Russell), Ben (Logan Miller), Jason (Jay Ellis), Mike (Tyler Labine), Amanda (Deborah Ann Woll) and Danny (Nik Dobani). All receive a puzzle box that when solved gave them an invitation to the escape room promising the winner a cash prize.

Things seemed harmless at the start, but soon the group realizes that the fun and games were over and the dangers in each room were real putting everyone at risk. Additionally, they find that the invitations received were not at random, they were chosen for a reason.

With the group traveling from room to room, the atmosphere was in continuous transition with each room. Some of the puzzles seemed to be simple enough and give the group a small break in the chaos that they were experiencing, while others just increased the urgency.

During the whole film, there didn’t seem to be a moment in which the audience was bored. The whole film brought entertainment and new things that you had to wrap your head around. With the addition of you feeling the same rush to figure out the puzzle as well it made the movie seem more exciting.

In addition to these moments of excitement and worrisome pressure there were moments that did break up the tension. The comedic relief that was added in and spread throughout the film giving the viewers a break before they were thrown back into the chaos of the danger.

In terms of the cast, each member of the group brought something to the film that made you connect and put yourself into that situation. The diverse cast helped you pick out a character you related to the most and worry along with them throughout the movie. It made things a lot more exciting when watching the film.

The acting done by each actor/actress sold the danger being shown throughout the movie, making each puzzle that much more terrifying and urgent to do.

The overall premise of “Escape Room” felt similar to the “Saw” movies with slight variation. The participants were put in rooms that struck a chord with them personally and each person was chosen for the “game.” Though in “Escape Room” there wasn’t the same torture aspect as there was in the “Saw” movies, yet the same amount of urgency to stay alive was there.

The movie did end on a cliffhanger, insinuating that there will be a possible continuation of the series in the future — which is promising if the next film has the same entertainment value as the first, hopefully including new experiences and perhaps even more worrisome situations, as well as an entertaining cast of characters to make up the new group put into the escape room.

For those who have yet to see the film I would highly recommend you go and see it for yourself. It is entertaining and thrilling to view and great if you are the kind of moviegoer who really gets into the film as you watch it.

Tiffani Watteyne is a freelance reporter for the Daily Lobo. She can be contacted by email at or on Twitter @tiffanirosew.