On the first Friday of every month, the ABQ Artwalk comes to Downtown Albuquerque. The event allows artists across New Mexico to come and receive more exposure of their artwork. A variety of artists participate — painters, jewelers, musicians and much more.

This year’s first Artwalk had 23 locations participating in the event. Artists at the Artwalk included La Luna Bakery. The vegan community was in need of representation in the Artwalk. After being sought out by coordinator, Victor Florrez, La Luna Bakery was added to the list of locations for the event.

“I don’t think it’s the art that brings in the customers, it’s the artists themselves and we love having them here to show off their stuff,” said Maria Galipeau, owner of La Luna Bakery.

Most artists shift from location to location each first Friday, though Joshua Concha is a regular at La Luna Bakery. Concha is a jeweler who often donates his work to The Guadalupe Institute for viewing.

The opening of the “Secret Gallery” piqued the interest of many attendees. Located in 505 Central, the gallery featured work from artist George Evans and music from Tony Rocky Horror.

The “Secret Gallery” was thought up and created to be a space in which artists from Albuquerque can come together and present their pieces to the community. New to community, Diablo Texas featured his print work, drawings and sculptures at Red Door Brewing.

“I describe my work as a street fight in a way, everything needs to come out and if that means with a sculpture then I sculpt or if it’s a painting I paint,” Texas said.

He said with being new to the area, the Artwalk has given him a leg up in the art world of Albuquerque.

“I’ve just moved here recently and this event has given me so much exposure already,” Texas said. “The environment is so welcoming and easy to get into, so I am very glad to be here and be a part of this event.”

The ABQ Artwalk will be returning on March 1.

Tiffani Watteyne is a freelance reporter for the Daily Lobo. She can be contacted by email at culture@dailylobo.com or on Twitter @tiffanirosew.