Muros translates from Spanish to “walls,” according to STUDiO HiLL DESiGN, who showcases the many murals lining the Albuquerque streets in an online project, Los Muros de Burque.

Starting in beautiful Nob Hill, traveling into Downtown ABQ, and ending in the Santa Barbara-Martineztown area, visitors and locals can look at the diverse, cultural and artistic talent that is harbored in the heart of the city. 

According to New Mexico Explorer, a website dedicated to describing less known New Mexico travel locations, Albuquerque became home to one of the first public art programs in the country in 1978. In the beginning of this art bloom, some of the first mural artwork was displayed was at the ABQ Sunport. 

Although this is just a collection of the many murals and street artwork available to view in ABQ, these murals seem to commonly represent unity, diversity, and collectivity in some way or another. 

Natty DeAnna is a culture reporter for the Daily Lobo. She can be contacted at or on Twitter at @deanna_natty