Bridey Caramagno is a current University of New Mexico student and member of the Quarantine interactive horror show located in Albuquerque. She is a creative, primarily focusing on the performing arts.

Caramagno spoke to the Daily Lobo about the details on her role in Quarantine as well as her other artistic ventures.

Quarantine is an immersive horror show located on Coal Avenue. Caramagno’s involvement with Quarantine started with one of the playwrights of the show. She got in contact with them via the theatre department on campus.

In order to become a part of Quarantine, she had to partake in group auditions. The first audition was a large group, and the second audition was split into smaller groups of people. During the auditions, each person read from a script and went along from there.

In Quarantine, Caramagno plays a character named Claire. When speaking about Claire, Caramagno described her as "a young, vengeful woman with a history of being manipulated by other people and herself."

She is also noted as being a strong female character who supports other female characters in the story.

In order to transform into Claire for the night, Caramagno has several ways to prepare herself for the strenuous role. She starts off by doing several physical warmups. She said doing warmups is important, since there is a lot of movement throughout the show.

She also eats a snack and chugs water in between performances. The cast of Quarantine does four shows a night, so Caramagno said it's best to do a little self-care in between acts.

When talking about crowd reactions, Caramagno said, "It can be anything from screams to laughs." According to her, it all depends on if the crowd enjoys being scared or not. The energy from the crowd is inspiring and helps keep all the actors energized, she said.

"The rehearsal process for Quarantine was enjoyable, but the audience made everything so much more enjoyable," Caramagno said.

She is involved in other artistic projects as well. Caramagno is part of the Fluxus performance art collective. Fluxus is an art form that was popularized in the early 1970s.

Fluxus is a series of performances which emphasize the artistic processes over the finished product. The Fluxus group in Albuquerque is one of the leading groups in influencing the revival of this art form.

The title of the Fluxus production that Caramagno is currently starring in is "Unemployment Agency." The Fluxus performance art collective does art events all around Albuquerque throughout the year. They can be found on Facebook and Instagram as "The Unemployment Agency."

Caramagno is also a member of Students Creating Really Awesome Productions (SCRAP), which is the student theatre group on campus. Anyone interested in theatre can join the group, and they put on productions every semester.

Every production by SCRAP is directed, acted and designed by University students. For those interested in supporting Caramagno and the rest of the cast, Quarantine is open until Nov. 2.

Caitlin Scott is a freelance reporter at the Daily Lobo. She can be contacted at or on Twitter @Caitlin69123118